Miss Fashionista 2021

Bright fashion gala event

Producers with Host of event Kamilia Grats. Photo credit by Gilda Adler Phorography.

The idea of a beauty contest and a fashion show in one «bottle» is not new. And we have already had three contests with an identical concept. Beauty and Fashion are two friends who complement each other quite well. Add the music to them and I will have a big explosion of energy!

An idea was this project should be international, and even global! April 2021 was the best time for it! People were yearning to experience a normal lifestyle and entertainment. I had to think over many details to maintain safety, the guests sat at a distance from each other, we used disposable tableware, and hosts took the temperature of guests at the entrance of the event, gave out masks and escorted them to the hall. Fortunately, everything was great and according to the plan, and all these additional measures did not spoil the impressions of the event and mood, everyone has been sharing the warm memories of a real triumph of fashion and beauty.

FULL VERSION OF MISS FASHIONISTA USA2021 IS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vfxfZw0KIg

Make up & hair stylist Irina Malysheva

Our show took place despite difficult times and tough demands.

The famous journalist and blogger Martina Wadehill met the guests on the red carpet near the banner brand, mentioning numerous sponsors, and interviewed the organizers, distinguished guests, and participants of the gala event. The famous Barry Allen Cohen performed popular classical hits, striking everyone not only with his voice and artistry, but also with his talent and expressiveness.

The star jury sat at tables decorated with flower arrangements by I Am Clover , serving Daily Catering La Jolla’s gourmet food and drinks. The main judge in the jury of our Miss Fashionista USA 2021 competition was the winner of the Miss Russian California 2021 competition Marina Ustinova.

The team of judges approached the selection of the winners very seriously, it was composed of representatives of the show business and the beauty industry among them:

  • Sonya Berg / CEO & Founder at Sonya Berg «Zen Fashionista» TV Personality & Creator of Zenlifefashion Blog /
  • Lisseth Corrao / Fashion Designer at Lisseth Corrao Couture at Lisseth Corrao Couture USA
  • Damian DeLangeron / International Photo Producer /
  • Oleg Sanzyapov / President of TSAR CAVIAR /
  • Dr. Marty Fallor / Blogger, Ophthalmic Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon / Forensic Expert at Martin K. Fallor, M.D., J.D /
  • Howell Kickliter / Director / Producer at Exotic Cat Films /
  • Valeria Goncharova Barrett / Fashion Designer, Founder and President at FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS /
  • Dianne York / Model, Actress, Owner of The Spa La Jolla
Flowers by I’M CLOVER /Tatiana Jamora/


The guest of honor of our event was Tara Jones (Founder of the National Women’s Veteran’s Association)

Our hair and makeup stylists were Irina Malysheva, Victoria Miller, Fariia MUA, Waatani Norris, Noemi Montis, they were preparing the participants for the presentation.

The evening began with energetic Brazilian dances Energy Entertainment, the guests enjoyed the show from designer Lisseth Corrao!

In the next performance, the girls presented the original kimono from designer Galina Sсhoettger.

The show ended with the final exit from fashion designer Stephany Ugocci. I would like to note that George Hodos, who came to San Diego from Los Angeles, became a real pearl of the evening. George’s single Just A Man, performed in collaboration with the world rap star Snoop Dogg, gained positions in the charts in the USA, Europe and Latin America, including the most authoritative Billboard hit parade. By the way, the only three Russian groups («Gorky Park», «Tatu» and George Hodos) were in this hit parade.

Kimono Apheafashion by Galina Sсhoettger

The hosts of Miss Eastern Europe 2020 Kamilia Grats and the famous actor and model Rick Rodstrom not only succinctly presented all the sponsors, participants and famous guests, but also introduced the organizer of this beautiful project, that is me.

There was an open bar with a huge selection of drinks, as well as traditional Russian catering from the Daily Catering La Jolla Company. Our guests admired the gifts from I Am Clover, Tsar Caviar, Neurogan, Apheafashion by Galina Sсhoettger.

Great Thanks to our sponsors, without whom this program would not have taken place. They are anaZana, Tsar Caviar, Neurogan, Yuliana Malinovskaya, Dianne York, Robert Kenyon / Discover Magazine /, I’m clover, Goby Lieder, Wyndham, Gorozhanka magazine, New PMU San Diego, Stunning Photography.

Special thanks to the commercial director Krystsina Shchelkunova and trainer Natalya Yangirova, who prepared the contestants for the shows.

Photographers Lana Igor Dovbenko, Sergei Yangirov, Damian DeLangeron, Jac Wong, James Giovanni Pan Robert O’Neill, Gilda Adler Photography! Thanks for the video production of Lana Zlotopolski, DJ Andrey Chayka!

The winners are Anna Lutin, Paris (Parisian) Kargar and Crystal Privett! Congratulations, to all participants, organizers, sponsors, designers, artists, and guests on the first ever Miss Fashionista USA 2021 competition, which took place on April 9 this year at the Encore Event Center. And, of course, we give thanks to the information sponsor — the Russian American women’s magazine “Gorozhanka”. We believe that good deeds and beauty will save the world.


Yana Sanakina

English Editor Edward Goold


Flowers by «I Am Clover»


Oleg Sanzyapov /President of TSAR CAVIAR/


Flowers by I Am Clover


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