Mrs Russian California 2020 Marina Ustinova

"Strong man needs a strong woman."


Happy New Year from Mrs Russian California 2020 Marina Ustinova! But if you forgot, she was a face of the Gorozhanka Magazine cover.

To tell the truth, it was my dream to have a cover with a beauty emerging from the ocean. I had a strong vision and was looking for chance to bring this vision to my readers. While the photographer was with other girls we were preparing for the session, I was searching for a famous beach in San Diego which I loved very much, when I noticed a slim , young women in a red dress with a big Hollywood smile. It was cover girl Marina Ustinova!

What I knew about her was her active social position, communicative open heart and open mind. She has a special love of all people and believes in a lifestyle where age is only a number in passport. With strong inner energy and a youthful soul, she focuses on quality of life. Later when I got to know her better, I realized that her secret of success was not only in her beautiful legs and breathtaking eyes. Behind the scenes of this fun «city girl» is a long path of hard work and desire to make things happen.

Marina associates herself as a » wild cat», fond of homemade bread with milk with honey. She believes that the most sexual thing in women is discretion and great imagination along with her capacity to keep words and loyalty. Next door girl from a small Russian town, is a caring believer who practices unconditional love equaling beauty. Marina became not only a cover girl of the autumn issue of the magazine, but also Queen of Mrs. Russian California 2020!

By participating in a beauty competition, she wanted to inspire women after 40 to change their perspective on age. Among her friends and clients are Hollywood celebrities, successful businessmen who are great examples of extraordinary people and anti aging role models.

Surrounding herself with these magnificent people, Marina continues to climb new mountains.

She has been visiting many foreign countries as a doctor of esthetic medicine and yoga teacher as well. Marina sincerely values humans and such qualities as kindness, generosity , patience, loyalty, wisdom and sense of humor.

Marina you are very active, successful and feminine all at the same time. This shows some amazing strength! How do you combine all of these qualities together?

-They combine wonderfully. To be weak for me means to be flexible as a birch tree which never breaks from the wind, just go from one side to another. I learned strength from strong men who are and were around me inspiring me. I recommend to all girls to break the stereotype which says » the strength of women is her weakness «

I know for sure strong men need a strong women who has really good acting skills and could play to her weakness, — Marina laughed.

I would love to be stronger emotionally and mentally because sometimes to live you must survive one and only one day and make sure you live to the fullest of your capacity. If one is strong you create a canvas for a life full of adventure. If one is weak than many of uncontrollable things are bound to happen to change your life and to lower your self-worth. There is no golden medium, either you are in charge of your life or your life in charge of you and of course flexibility is the key here.

Plastic surgery, sport exercise, and spas give women a chance to stay young. As far as I know you are getting help with your books and special training helping to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, I assume this is your mission?

— Yes, this is my mission and I feel responsible in front of my teachers who share knowledge with me and I am thankful to my parents who gave me a very good education. This is a mission of healing the heart with the goal of purification and rejuvenation of the mind, so life is fun. It is important to feel young not just look young, and this is the base of my exclusive program «Antiaging Boot camp» I teach this program in Los Angeles.

Women usually are associated with family, kids, and a cozy home , but many of women prefer to focus on career. What do you think about this?

— I think women are making a career their priority just to fulfill emptiness in her heart and find their place in society. To find a significant other with whom you walk in a unison is a gift from a destiny not everyone has.

Every woman has her favorite brand of perfume, cosmetic line and shoes and you?

— I am probably not like “everyone” I have got only one cosmetic brand I like,” said Marina smiling. “In all other things my preference changes depend on the situation, place and culture of the country I am traveling in. This year I visited four countries and I lived in India one month and Armenia 2 months. In those countries I had a full cultural experience including local designers.

I open many new things for myself. But yes! sometimes my favorite brand is the brand I work for.

What kind of man could be together with a successful, bright, extraordinary women like you?

— Of course the same bright, successful and far from being ordinary …,- half serious, half joking Marina said, — If you are interested to know what I value in man, the most is: wisdom based on life experience. I believe that loyalty and honesty is the base for relationship and of course generosity, including emotional and sensual generosity and I always look for a good spark in a man. He needs to be respectful to a woman and caring about her, to lift her up.

What have yoga lessons done to change your life?

— Inner closer hygiene and technic of purification of mind from mental and emotional garbage.

Is friendship with celebrities different from friendship with other people?

— Of course, celebrities are very self-involved with their lives and capable of extraordinary decisions. Anyone who is in their close circle had to develop strong personality to avoid being used.

Your personal life is closed to the public. Why?

— I believe that judgment of society could hurt relationships of public people and in order to keep relationship real and sacred it is better to keep them private.

You said you travel a lot. What is your favorite country to travel to?

— I love India for spiritual relaxation, Greece for daily epicurism, the excitement of Armenia for it’s monastery, mountains, traditions and human relationship.

Beautiful women are the women from covers of magazines?

— Beautiful women are women who radiate life energy. Of course, it is amazing when you are lucky with the gene pool, but usually a woman needs to work on herself with the help of the beauty industry. What really helps is a beloved who uplifts you and help you to feel beautiful.

Beautiful women are beautiful inside and after 40 it takes some investment in your wardrobe, make up, lifestyle…but it is mostly about energy.

Are Russian speaking women in United States a reason for many conversations?

— This is very long conversation and it is not only about me , it is conversation about many people like myself. Personally, for me, to be an immigrant means to work harder than an American. However, to tell the truth I never thought of myself as immigrant, but always Russian. I am on the bridge between 2 countries, America and Russia and always supported projects in the field of medicine, art and science and sport.

What are your hobbies?

— Spiritual studies, journalism, kickboxing, traveling , horseback riding to name a few.

What are your future desires?

— To have a cozy nest, to love and to be loved, to be free in creativity and gain financial freedom, …would like to sell more of my books, «Evolution of Love» and «Wellbeing tools for optimal aging» being sold. I have couple of dream — visions which I would not share ‘till they come true if you don’t mind.

How is your family? What kind of relationship do you have with your mom?

— My blood family lives in Russia; we have a close relationship with my mom, and she supports me emotionally and I do support her in a different way.

What are some of your favorite beauty secrets?

— Ahh, I have got many because I was (and am) a dermatologist with international level of career. After I became an expert in skin care I have realized that genuine things are simple.

You could know more by buying my book » Wellbeing tools for optimal aging» on Amazon, “I speak a lot about work with inner energy there.

Do you believe in friendship between women?

— Yes, I do, I believe in friendship between women who are self-confident and who already express themselves to the world through their profession or motherhood or even creativity. I always remember that nice intention towards female friends, sometimes in conflict with subconsciousness of the women, it takes time and many situations to determine the quality of friendship.

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