VOICE OF AMERICA filmed a documentary about Gorozhanka magazine...

It was an absolute shock for me, when I received a call from Lera Gelman; she told me that the "Voice of America" will shoot a movie about me."Have I truly deserved it?"- that was my first question, and the answer "Yes" followed. Then the days of worries and preparations began. I have not had an acting in movies experience before, especially in a movie about me. But I do not even imagine how interesting it's going to be!

My first day of filming began with my own interview. After serious preparation of light, sound, cameras, I looked at Lera and answered her questions:

"Why in America?" "Why women's magazine?" "Why, what, and when? .."

There was a lot of questions about my life in America, about what I wanted, and what I got, about my dreams and projects ...

It was interesting to recall that already seemed distant, and even almost forgotten. Not because it has been a long time, but because there is no time to remember my life successes and downfalls in a confusion of days. Because sometimes it's easier to "push back " reminiscences and live for the future, to avoid wasting time, and to forget about the losses and disappointments, about those minutes of despair and unbearable helplessness. So, without thinking about the bad, you wake up in the morning, and should rejoice in all good, write beautiful stories, call family and friends, go to the gym, eat healthy food, work a lot, devote yourself entirely to your beloved dedication, and dream about the beautiful presents, and sometimes about not yet realized upcoming.

Ocean, its energy, its breathing helps me. I am alone with the ocean, I dream, I'm in a beautiful world, and I try to make it even better.

What happens than? My projects and my dreams are coming true, and I'm getting stronger. And the ocean is leaking my feet, grasping my skirt and trying to flirt with me. And everything is happening!

What did I say in my interview to Lera?

I said that I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent people, I'm happy to communicate and work with them. I told her that "Gorozhanka" became a Californian representative of the largest Russian TV channel RTVi, which is now gaining momentum and fundamentally changes its concept. That " Gorozhanka " became the women's portal and advertising agency both in one, signing the contracts with the largest Californian RUSSIAN AMERICAN MEDIA.

I happily shared the news and lived through these two days the way I usually live my life.

On the first day, we had an interview and photo shoot of Real Estate Broker from San Diego, Olga Solovyeva, and approval of her photos for the magazine. Thank you, our photographer Alyona Burova and stylist Tatiana Sysoev for participating in this difficult part of making magazine. In the cozy Office, Co-mmunity, located in uptown, we decided what photo would go into the layout. I was walking through the beautiful streets of San Diego, General TV Operator, Dominic Mann, with one camera, and another Operator, Jeffree Carvajal, with a second camera walked beside me filming.

Then I talked on the phone with daughters, after the Sound Engineer, Anthony Enns, tacked a microphone to my chest. And after all, we had dinner at the Russian restaurant in San Diego PUSHKIN , which is located in the heart of the city. Friends came to support, said good words to me, and enjoyed our favorite childhood food.

Tired after a long day, we said goodbye to the guests, and the next morning, at 8.00, I already bought coffee in the French cafe in Del Mar and the camera went behind me, following me to the car And then filming near the ocean, and my conversation with the designer. Although, honestly saying, sunny weather and amusing ocean absolutely had no premonition to work. After that part of the documentary was completed, we hit the road to Los Angeles with lots of phone calls, as usual. Etiquette class in WEST HOLLYWOOD COLLEGE PREP SCHOOL was filled with "cheers". Now day’s children behaved absolutely confidently in front of the cameras and even made jokes.

Then we ate our lunch, carefully organized by the assistant, Alana Brown, on the parking lot with all the group of professional TV creators, who already became a family. In the Russian library of West Hollywood, we discussed the draft of the Children Festival with Tatyana Rodzinek, representative of the Mayor's Office in West Hollywood.

And then last, you can say "Farewell" interview, with me in the cozy atmosphere of the library, in which I said that perhaps what I dreamed of, finally came true. How I am grateful for the support of family, friends, and how much I love what I do, and believe in the success, because I devoted so many years of my life to it. "Voice of America" filmed a documentary about me, and I am very grateful to all the participants of the project, my friends and family. I hope that I deserved it, and I really believe that after the release of this film, my colleagues who joined me will "reap" the results of our joint work.

I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to America for taking me in, and appreciating my efforts.

And my homeland, and the graves of my parents, I give you a bow for making me such as I am today.

Thank you,

With love,

Truly yours Yana Sanakina, "Gorozhanka".

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