«Voice of America» has shot the movie about «Gorozhanka»(CITY GIRL)

«Voice of America» has shot the movie about «Gorozhanka»…

It was an absolute surprise when Valeria Gelman called me and said that «Voice of America» would like to shoot a film about me.

«Do I really deserve it? » - this was my first question and the answer was «Yes, you do! ».

After the realization settled in, the days of excitement and preparations began.

I did not have the experience of acting, especially in a film about me.

However, I could not even imagine how interesting it would be!

My first day of filming started with my interview. After serious preparation of light, sound, cameras, I looked at Valeria and answered the questions she asked:«Why did you move to America? », «Why the women's magazine! », «Why and when? »...

There were many questions about my life in America, about what I wanted and what I received, about my dreams and projects, etc. It was interesting to recall what already seemed distant and even almost forgotten. Not because it was a long time, but because in the turmoil of the past there was no time to remember all the ups and downs of my life here. Sometimes it is easier to «push back» reminiscences and live the future, so as not to waste time and not to remember losses and disappointments, those moments of despair and impossible impotence.

Therefore, without distractions about the bad, I needed to wake up in the morning, rejoice in everything good, write beautiful stories, call relatives and friends, go to the gym, eat healthy food, work hard, be obsessed with my favorite occupation and dream of beauty and the present awe of life. I even sometimes dreamed about things that were unrealized yet.The ocean, its energy, its breathing helped motivate me to persevere.

Having retreated from it momentarily, I am dreaming, I am diving to my beautiful world and trying to make it even better. And what happens after that?

My projects are carried out, my dreams come true, and I become stronger. The salty brine of the ocean washes my feet, grabs my skirt and tries to flirt with me.

Yes, he does it!

What was talked about in my interview with Lera?

I said that,” I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent people, I am happy to communicate and work with them”.

I told her about the fact that «Gorozhanka» became a women's portal and an advertising agency in one person, signing contracts with the largest Californian media companies.

I happily shared the news and lived 2 days the way I usually live it. On the first day there were interviews and a photo session with Olga Solovyeva, real estate broker from San Diego. Then we approved the finest of her photos for the magazine.

Thank you to photographer Alena Burova and stylist Tatiana Sysoeva, they were the participants of this difficult part of the creation of the magazine. In Co-mmunity's cozy office in the center of the city, we decided on which photos will be going to the issue.

I was strolling along the beautiful streets of San Diego, and the main cameraman Dominic with one camera and the cameraman Geoffrey with the second camera were walking beside me and shooting.Then we had phone conversations with daughters, and the sound engineer Anthony attached a microphone to my chest. And after all there was a dinner at the Russian restaurant «PUSHKIN» in San Diego, which is located in the heart of the city.

Friends came to support, say kind words and taste the food we loved since childhood.Tired after a busy day, we said goodbye to the guests and the next morning, at 8 AM I already bought coffee in a French cafe in Del Mar, and the cameras drove after me, escorting me to the car.Then we had the camera shooting near the ocean and my conversation with the designer.

Although, frankly, the sunny weather and the merry ocean indisposed to any work at all. After this shoot, there was a road trip to Los Angeles with a lot of phone calls, as I usually do. The etiquette class in WEST HOLLYWOOD COLLEGE PREP SCHOOL passed by «hurray». Many of the emotionally charged children behaved quite confidently in front of cameras and even joked!

Then was lunch in the parking lot with the native group of professional TV crews, carefully organized by assistant Alana.

In the Russian library of West Hollywood, we discussed the project of a children's contest with Tatiana Rodzinek, Staff Liaison and Recording Secretary for Russian Advisory Board at City Hall. And then the last one, I can say «farewell», interview with me in the cozy atmosphere of the library, in which I said that all what I have dreamed of probably came true. Illuminating about how I'm grateful to relatives and friends for their support and how I love my job and believe in the success of what I gave many years of my life to build.

«Voice of America» made a film about me, for which I am very grateful to all the participants of the project, my friends and relatives. I hope that I deserved it, and I do believe that with the release of this film my colleagues will «reap the benefits» of our teamwork together with myself. I want to say a big «THANKS» to America for accepting me and appreciating my work.

This movie production was a great catalyst in inspiring me to continue my book about Russian Women in the US

Also, thanks to my homeland and the graves of my parents, I bow low for the fact that today

I have become what I am.

Thank you,

With love,

Yana Sanakina «Gorozhanka»

Movie about Gorozhanka is here:


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