Katusha Klets: «I like to bonify!»

Katusha differs from most of her peers in her unchildlike character and desire to build a successful career.

This 8-year-old representative of our younger half of society always has a smile on her face and in a hurry to somewhere new.

Yes, her life schedule can be compared to that of a mega-pop star... It is said that «stars are not born, they are made». This bright Star works tirelessly to illuminate the path for other young girls her age. And now she realizes that success is not just a dizzying career.

Success is the ability to love and be giving to this world, to become part of our beautiful planet and decorate it.

Katusha, you're still doing ballet, are you not?

-This summer I studied with a very professional teacher from Russia. Maybe someday I'll fly there to study, if I can leave my family...

But this dream can also come true one day, right? You know, Katusha, you are a very hardworking girl, you will definitely succeed. And yet, you are not only a good student, but a rapidly developing personality and a very kind and educated girl. But being a good person is not a career...

- I really love people, I love my friends, I like to do good to everyone around me. We should do a lot of good to make our world full of love and beauty! My grandmother and I write down «10 good deeds» and I really like how every week I read to her about my good deeds. It's so nice, it makes my heart warm.

What is a good deed for you?

- Help, support in times of need, compassion and understanding. A good deed is what a person does without expecting anything in return.

But will there ever be a return for you good deeds? Have you thought about this?

- It's not the most important thing, but it's nice if the good deed brings something nice in return.

In addition to your success in music and ballet, as far as I know, you also doing Rhythmic Gymnastics?

- Yes, that's right, I like gymnastics very much, I've been doing this sport since I was 3,5 years old, as much as ballet. I really enjoy doing the tasks that I get from the coach. In gymnastics, you need to perform many exercises to work out the technique step by step. This requires patience, diligence, will power and discipline.

But all this inspires me and brings me joy!

I met Katusha in my class of etiquette. We talked about the rules of behavior in society and about talent. Therefore, I did not accidentally ask her a question:

"If you have talents, what should you do with them?"

- We need to develop our talents, one day they can help people, maybe even save someone's life... Talent should serve people, bring them joy and happiness.

I asked Katusha's mom, Olga Klets, about plans for her life. She was smiling, just glowing with happiness, talking about Katusha:

- Everyone dreams of happiness. For me, happiness is my two daughters!

Katusha is a very sensitive and spiritual girl, gifted with many talents from above.

Of course, the most important thing for every mother is the health of her children. I'm always happy to see her smile and I admire her will power. She likes to do everything right and puts a lot of energy into everything she does, to do it 100 percent, and sometimes I do not even believe that she is 8 years old. After all, Katusha always has great dreams: she is a real artist and she lives on a stage, she is happy to see the whole room full of people and receive a storm of applause. Katusha's life is full, interesting and surrounded by love. This is exactly my goal and mother's task. Well, and a little bit about beauty.

I asked Katusha: "You are an intelligent, successful, kind and a beautiful girl. How do you prefer to dress?"

- I think the most important thing is neatness. Nice dress, shoes and beautifully arranged hair – this is the most important in the style of each girl.

What would you like to wish all the children, big and small?

- I want to wish all the children not to hide their problems from their parents and be honest with them because our parents want only the best for us!

What do you think about animals and people who kill animals? Or just take the animals home and then throw them away?

- These people change animal’s attitude towards us, they do not trust us because of this, it's terrible. After all, there are many good and kind people and we need to unite and help all animals and save the world!

The magazine «Gorozhanka» has a promising project, we can call it our dream: we are planning to make a series of charity concerts in support of homeless animals.

Do you want to participate in such an action?

- Yes, of course, with great pleasure, we should help the animals. A person can cry, ask for help, but the animal can not ...

We were dreaming with Katusha,talking about how great it is that there are good people and that we will organize this concert and help unfortunate animals by giving them warmth and care.

Tell me, please, what do you love? What kind of flowers, for example?

- My favorite flowers are roses, simply because they are beautiful. My mother is my favorite rose. I love the color pink, I do not know why, but I think it is because my mother loves the color pink. Even all my leotards in gymnastics classes were this color.

After the magnificent performance in Carnegie Hall (New York City, New York) Katusha Klets was chosen to become one of the participants in the group studying music with famous representatives of the Russian opera. She will be performing in Moscow in July 2018. We also congratulate Katusha on our editorial staff and wish young and talented Katusha Klets, her family and teachers success and achievement of all goals! In turn, we will be waiting for a meeting with her at the contest of young talents in West Hollywood, which will be held on the eve of Christmas! And let this first interview with Katusha Klets bring her success and open the way to the world of art!

Thanks Olga Klets for the opportunity to do this interview.

opportunity to do this interview.ung talents in West Hollywood, which will be held on the eve of Christmas! And let this first interview with Katusha Klets bring her success and open the way to the world of art! Thanks Olga Klets for the opportunity to do this interview

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