Fashion Inspiration. The winter holidays are coming!

Ostrich feathers and boho chic: what to wear for the New Year-2018

The winter holidays are coming: both adults and children are waiting for them. But we, women, with the approach of New Year's celebrations, always ask the eternal question: «And what to wear? ».

«Gorozhanka» offers the fashion guide which will make you a fashionista this winter season 2017-2018.

Fashion Inspiration

The world of high fashion is bizarre and whimsical, but we do not have to blindly follow the strange trends that set a tone for the fashion seasons. However, various fashion-events make it possible to draw a ton of ideas that will help to create absolutely original images for the celebration.

So, in the fall-winter season 2017-2018 outfits abound of textures and colors.

The main trend of the season is silver metallic.

Such a dress or overalls will be a perfect fit if you celebrate the New Year where there is no snow - for example, in California!

For those who like (and can afford) excesses, the designers Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Sonia Ryikel in their collections represent luxury dresses with ostrich feathers.

These fabulous designs will make you the belle of the ball!

If you cannot refuse warm and cozy fur, choose fake colorful fur - it is at the peak of fashion now.

Do not believe me?

Look at the latest collections of Miu Miu, Prada and Fendi!

For young girls who prefer casual dress it is worth paying attention to monochrome things with a galactic print. Such are in the collections of Chloe and Chanel in this season.

For those women, for whom it is most important to look charming and sexy, we advise to choose tight dresses or skirts of black leather. Looks just stunning!

In California where summer never seems to end in fact!

For a party near the ocean, we advise you to choose a bohemian maxi dress in the style of boho-chic.

Do not forget about accessories: it is highly fashionable to wear a lot of chains and bracelets, while making sure they match perfectly.

Gucci and Etra, for example, presented in their collections dresses with prints a la a silk handkerchief, and they look like the brink of kitsch.

However, if you like bold experiments, go for it!

Another unconditional hit of the season - pink dresses in the style of the 20's with fringes and paillettes.

Absolute must-have for those who want to become the queen of the party!

Remember: sparkles and fringes are never too much when it comes to the New Year's Eve.

Tips from astrologers!

2018 in the Chinese calendar - the year of the Yellow (Earth) Dog. To deserve Dog’d support for you, astrologers advise choosing the color of the outfit, based on the environment of the totem animal.

These are all shades of yellow and brown (ocher, chocolate, terracotta), as well as shades of green and blue.

The dog is quite loyal and unpretentious, so there are no restrictions on styles and prints (just do not choose «cat» prints: remove the weekend things with a leopard print farther in the closet).A yellow dog is an agile animal, with a living temper. It will like, if you will dance and have fun all the New Year’s night. Therefore, choose comfortable outfits that do not restrict movement. It is better to give preference to light, flowing fabrics, and forget about tight fitting and dense textures. An excellent choice will be a dress in the Greek style with a glamorous; décolleté or with a wrap. As for shoes, do not wear high heels: try to choose a beautiful and at the same time comfortable pair which will fit for dancing and movement.

Yellow Dog loves natural beauty, after all, she loves with the heart, not with the eyes. Therefore, make natural make-up in nude shades, emphasizing the festive moment with the help of highlighter, silk lipstick and glitter on eyelids.

Happy New Year and Christmas, dear readers!

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