Aleksei Chebelyuk: "The presenter is an excellent psychologist"

Meet the guest of the issue - Aleksei Chebelyuk. He was born in Samara and obtained two different educations: he graduated from music school majoring in accordion class and received a diploma from a technical university with a degree in economics (manager).

Alexey, manager and musician is a good combination for a successful business, isn’t it?

- At the age of 16, I began to work as a wedding DJ. I worked only on weekends, to accommodate my combined studies. At the age of 18, I was an administrator in a dance studio, and the director suggested to organize a band that would play tango at dance parties. So, I got the first experience of playing on the commercial scene, as well as the experience of being a manager. Two years later, I organized a cover band, oriented for performances at weddings, birthdays and other events. I was convinced that I was moving in the right direction. Most friends did not share my views and even were laughing behind my back. However, I stayed focused on these combined personal goals.

There were 6 members of the group Smile Band: an accordionist, a vocalist, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer and a saxophonist. I was the youngest of them, but, despite the age, the guys trusted me and we started our interesting path. The first two years were the most difficult, but a strong belief in myself and in the group helped to achieve the desired result. After 3 years we were reasonably famous in our little city..I immersed myself in the development of the group, working with magazines, radio, television and local event organizers. At the same time I worked as an administrator at the company that organized large concerts in our city. I was lucky enough to work and get to know many artists of Russian and foreign stage, as well as get invaluable experience from the director of this company. I was engaged in the group for five years, until I moved to the United States. We played more than 600 concerts in all this time. After leaving for America, I returned to work in the entertainment field after a year and a half and started working in Los Angeles. Since early 2017, I have had more than 40 events in California, as well as in other states. Next year I am planning to fly all over America.

What is the most important work of an event presenter, besides displaying a sense of humor, the ability to speak beautifully and rock the audience?

- There are a lot of subtleties in the presenter's work. It's not enough just to be cheerful and beautiful to talk if you want to make serious progress. First of all, the presenter should be an excellent psychologist, because if he correctly determines the psychological portrait of the guests, the probability of the success of the event will grow astronomically. I also believe that the presenter should develop an analytical mindset, since it is he who helps to quickly answer guests' questions with humor and pick up the joke. Each presenter should be aware of today's events and all TV shows, and be sure to prepare for each event. I also have a stock of several funny stories and jokes that will fit into any topic to defuse the situation. Of course, the host should be in good physical shape, look healthy, well-groomed and interesting.

Do you have a hobby, or you have no time for it?

- I have many hobbies. The main thing is, of course, my work. I am a happy person, because I managed to turn my hobby into a job. Another hobby is traveling. Thanks to my travels I get renewed emotions, I rest, and I share my excitement to doubly inspire our guests. I really enjoy reading, writing poetry and music. I hope, next year to publish my poem collection in Russia. Of course, the most valuable thing for me is to spend time with my loved ones, with my family. Unfortunately, because of my busy schedule, I must work extra hard to fit in my family time.

What are your plans for the future, dreams?

- My plans and dreams are not very different from the desires of others. I also want to excel in my profession, achieve my goals, and, of course, have a great happy family life.

Being public means being popular.

Does this interfere with your personal life?

- I cannot say that this interferes with my personal life. It seems to me, it even decorates and gives acuity.

You look good, is it just from sports or are there any other secrets?

- Of course, I am into sports and practice eating good nutritious food. However, my main secret is genetics.

Alexey, what would you would you like to advise City Girls?

- I would advise the city girls to never stop dreaming. Dreams help us continue to move in this world no matter what.If every day you dream of the same thing, you sincerely believe in it, then you do not notice how you get closer to this every moment. Many great achievements in history began with a dream, which soon evolved into reality.

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