Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind "Dancing is about joy!"

Ballroom Dance Academy is Los Angeles’ premiere school of ballroom dancing, established in 2007 by nationally recognized ballroom dance champions and professional dance partners Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind.

Michael and Natalia’s shared passion for teaching led them to create dance programs designed for social dancers of all levels, from beginning to expert. They further expanded their vision by establishing the Ballroom Dance Academy Teacher Training Program in 2008 as a way to train future dance instructors at the highest standard of excellence and prepare them for professional certification and careers.

Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind met as dancers in the show “Tango Fiesta” at the Wilshire Theater in 2004, and have been partners in performance and teaching ever since. Between them, their credits include such major motion pictures and TV shows as Poseidon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gilmore Girls, The Catch and Will & Grace, as well as numerous commercials and theatrical productions. They have performed and competed around the world and are recognized experts in ballroom and Latin dance (American and International styles), as well as Argentine Tango, Salsa, Swing, and other popular club dances. Also to their credit is Ballroom Entertainment, a professional dance company founded in 2007, which collaborates with top Los Angeles artists and choreographers to provide elegant performances in dances from all over the world.

- A dance career is not only an applause. What is your job for you?

- Ballroom dancing is glamorous, but the sparkle of the stage disguises the real backdrop of any performance - many hours of sweat and hard work. The final, beautiful presentation is the result of many hours of rehearsals and coaching.

- You are artists and that means - a lot of concerts, trips etc. Is it hard probably?

- A dance career comes with shows and tours and being always on the go. In the end, it asks for a lot of discipline and time management.

- You are teachers of dance. Tell us please about this side of your life .

- We believe that every one of our students deserves the highest standards of professional excellence. We insist on top quality dance instruction at every class and every lesson, but we never forget that dancing is about joy.

- Partner dancing is especially beautiful! Is this complexity or not?

- Partner dancing is a competitive dance sport, so you have to invest a lot of time and money into training. You have to be able to deal with politics in order to "climb the ladder”. As far as the dancing itself goes, your relationship with your partner is of great importance. It is like having a marriage. Good communication and connection between partners is crucial.

- I think all actors goes on the stage for applause, right?

- Of course there is no artist without an audience, and applause is a wonderful motivator. But you have to love the process as well as the result, or you will quickly become miserable!

- What is your wishes to our readers?

- We would really recommend partner dancing as a way to stay in good shape, meet new people, challenge yourself with a fun new hobby, or bond with your significant other. If you would like to develop your poise, posture, confidence, or beauty, there is no better way.

Ballroom Dance Academy:

Phone: 1 888 3 DANCE NOW (1 888 332 6236)

Email: info@ballroomdanceacademy.com



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