Aqua Zone Therapy by Roma Luka


Many believe that Aquatic bodywork is the most significant modality in our time which can have specific therapeutic results and profound healing on many levels of a person's being.

Water therapy is the safest form of rehabilitation where the water offers buoyant support for the body, resistance to bodily movement, a natural reduction in pain, and a relaxing and refreshing feel. Combined with traditional land therapy, it offers the quickest way to return to normal daily activities.

Some conditions that respond well to Aquatic Bodywork:

• Chronic Back problems, Shoulders, Necks, Hips

• Strokes and recovery

• Stress and Stress related disorders

• Acute and Chronic Pain, Including Headaches

• Fibromyalgia

• Parkinson

• Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Sleeping Problems

• Arthritis

• Neuromuscular disorders

• Depression, Hyperactivity

• Fear of the Water

There are 2 forms of Water Therapy: ACTIVE and PASSIVE.

In the Active Form of Therapy the patient is instructed by a trainer or physical therapist on the proper technique for each exercise and then supervised in a pool specially heated to maximize healing and comfort.

Aqua therapy is zero impact which gives the patient confidence to push themselves to perform more than a comparable activity done on land.

The Passive Form of Therapy is used when a workout is challenging for all fitness levels. Best of all, during the healing process, patients can begin this form of therapy sooner than anything else. This prepares them for the next step, and gives them a better chance for a faster recovery. Many patients seek to become more active as a means of both getting into shape, as well as helping to relieve certain symptomatic conditions. It is a perfect answer to the problems often faced by these patients. It is a safe and enjoyable means of providing exercise and massage to the entire body without risking damage to sensitive and painful structures in the spine. Aqua Zone Bodywork is therapeutic healing modality developed by Roma Luka to facilitate healing and well-being. It is an Aquatic Bodywork with origins from Watsu, Water Release Therapy, Yoga, and is a combination of different types of massages and is designed to achieve:

• Deep profound Relaxation

• Reduce Stress and Fatigue

• Increase Energy

• Reduce Muscle tension

• Increase Range of Motion.

Aqua Zone Therapy is a systematic organized program based on the movements in water which are safe, challenging and fun. The patient is both cushioned and supported by the water, which in turn relaxes and breaks the pain cycle. Roma's work is a healing experience that works with each client’s needs with gentle stretches along with the connection of breath and movement.

The session is performed in a 3 ½’ - 4 ½’ shallow pools in a warm, 90-94 degree water temperature. While being supported by the practitioner and floating devices; such as long round water noodle, short round water noodle, aqua sizer and float swim collar, the body is guided through a series of fluid, flexible movements similar to yoga. The body is stretched and massaged by hands on key pressure points. Stretching is vital in maintaining good range of motion with joints and the flexibility of muscles.The support of the water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land. Gentle twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves, and will undo the dysfunction this pressure causes to organs serviced by those nerves. Once freed from gravity, the client’s body can be stretched, moved, and worked in unlimited ways: Aqua Zone Bodywork incorporates elements of massage, fish and reptiles’ movements, and even dance. Roman gently rotates client’s body from side to side, which causes the patient's limbs to sway. During the treatment, he works on patient’s body part by part removing and changing devices. The patient floats with eyes and ears closed. It makes the effect of this deeply meditative motion profound. It includes deep physical release that increases range of motion, reduces pain, bringing more comfort, freedom, vitality and balance to all aspects of your body and being. Aqua Zone Bodywork is a systematic process, which is designed to work individually with client to restore their activity, strength, and motion. It can relieve stress and help the body function without pain. To understand more we can break it down into a several steps process:

Step 1: RelaxationDeep Relaxation opens the way to accept the healing. Depends on your level it can take 2-3 sessions to learn how to relax, which is extremely important.

Step 2: TrustIn 4th and 5th sessions, relaxation turns into trust and helps us to work together to achieve improvement of flexibility and circulation.

Step 3: ParticipationIn 6th-9th sessions, you really participate in process of restoration and healing. This is deeply meditative stage. You start to realize your power in this process.

Step 4: ReleaseIn 10th-12th sessions, it is a final step of the circle.

You are releasing your troubles and awaking your hidden potential.

You are confident to go to the next level of your wellbeing. This is truly a great form of therapy and is very healthy for your body and mind. Make sure that your therapist is informed of any special needs you may have, before beginning any program of aqua therapy. It is recommended to complete 12-session course. You can combine 1/2hour and 1 hour sessions. If you can achieve first two steps easily, you can do 3-4 half an hour sessions and 8-9 full hour sessions.

Depends on your goal and conditions we will personalize the course for you.


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