N11 - Sofia Henriques "My dream is to become successful to pursue my love for animals"

Sofia Henriques is one of the participants of the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contest, she is N11, she was born in Connecticut and raised in San Diego.

- What was your childhood like?

- Growing up I was always super athletic and adventurous. I also had and still have a huge passion for animals. I started my own dog walking business when I was just eight years old! My mother and father are divorced so I was mainly raised by my mother which is where I grew up speaking Russian. My grandma is a huge part of my childhood due to her strong roots connected back to the Soviet Union. She lived with my mother and helped raise me. My grandma did not speak English, so I had to translate for her growing up.

- How about your career now?

- I am currently working with a talent manager who I signed with this last year to pursue a career in modeling. Also, as a full-time business student I am passionate about learning how I can turn my desires into practical reality.”

- What was your education like?

- I graduated Cathedral Catholic High School where I learned about caring and intellectual ways of life as well. I am attending Mira Costa and aspiring to transfer to Cal State in San Marcos. I am majoring in business and then onto real estate.”

- How did you end up in the USA?

- I made it to the USA because of my mother. She is from Moscow and my father is Portuguese. She wanted me to experience freedom and to grow up in the USA. I love living in the USA. San Diego is the perfect place to have the freedom to be whoever you would like. I am excited pursing my career in modeling in such a fabulous place!”

- How did you become a contestant?

- I became a contestant through my mom who is excited to help me succeed. It was something that just fell in my lap. I had to accept and work hard to be a contestant in this event, due to being behind the girls at first. The experience itself is unbelievable”

- What is your dream?

- My dream is to become successful to pursue my love for animals. I would love to be able to open my own business where they can receive care. Most people tell me I can converse with animals. They say I am some sort of animal whisperer! I want to make something out of my biggest passion.

- What would you like to wish the other participants?

- I wish for all the girls to be comfortable in their own bodies. For them to enjoy every moment. We work as a team together to become the very best so we all are the best. I wish everyone learns something and has the best time ever! I feel blessed to be in the company of such talented women!

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