Karolina Gera MISS GOROZHANKA "USA is a country of great opportunities!"

A true celebration of beauty, dance, music and fashion, the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 pageant took place in San Diego on September 16! On hot tracks, we try to analyze all that we have accomplished, to finish things that we did not have time to complete, and to start working on new projects. We have a serious job to do! One of the contestants, who received the honorary title Miss Gorozhanka, will become the face of the Christmas cover of the Russian-American magazine " GOROZHANKA ". Karolina Gera has been voted in as the first in a long line of Miss Gorozhankas. This is the first Miss Gorozhanka in the history of our cherished Gorozhanka Magazine! First-of-all, because magazine publishers have never produced a beauty pageant directly but have actively supported other similar projects. Secondly, because "Gorozhanka" never had its own Miss since the magazine’s inception.

Therefore, the editorial board and publishing team at Gorozhanka painstakingly scrutinized the best of the best representatives and chose Karolina Gera. She was chosen to hold this honorable title not only for her beauty, but also for selfless diligence, tireless desire to achieve the goals and kind heart.

The publisher of the magazine "GOROZHANKA" Yana Sanakina said: “I respect people with character, regardless of their national, religious or other affiliation. What's the difference - who are you?” The ability to have a strong personality is a special gift. That's what I appreciated in Karolina, this fragile and incredibly beautiful girl. No doubt Karolina is the honorary representative of the magazine, which I began to publish 10 years ago, and I was happy to announce it at the award ceremony of the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 pageant.

Now a little bit about Karolina, who became MISS Gorozhanka at the beauty pageant in San Diego, is preparing to participate in the MISS RUSSIAN CALIFORNIA Pageant in SACRAMENTO /Capitol of California/ and MISS RUSSIAN AMERICA 2018 in New York.

Karolina Gera is one of the participants of the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contest, her number is 4.

Karolina was born and raised in the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk.Others say that people with warm hearts and tempered characters live in this city. Her childhood was filled with many happy memories and adventures.

- My parents and I often travel by car, we would drive half of the country, from Novosibirsk to Vladivostok. I saw all the beauty of our great country!

- So, are you Siberian? Not afraid of the cold weather?

- I grew up as a mischievous and cheerful girl, probably like all Siberians. When I think about my childhood, I feel warm, even though Siberia has very cold winters!

- What about your career?

- After graduating high school, I had interests in Oriental culture and went to China. I was alone there, and I didn’t know the language. In this big mysterious country, I had feelings I was so small and helpless. it was very hard, because I missed my family, my three little sisters. But... I got through. I liked trying new things and I was interested in studying, mostly in ancient Oriental medicine. I have learnt Chinese massage and herbal treatment and now I am helping my family and friends to maintain their health.

- Can we talk about education?

- I graduated the "Capital Normal University" in Beijing, with a red diploma on a specialty "international trade". This profession has not become important in my life, but I got invaluable experience. It is very difficult in adolescence to decide who you want to be. Now I understood that I wanted to be a doctor in the future.

- How did you get to USA?

- I really enjoyed staying in China, I traveled a lot in Asia, studied culture and traditions, but one day I realized that I wanted a new adventure, and I decided to go to America.

- How's USA treating you?

- I fell in love with USA at first sight, it is a country of great opportunities! Here it is possible to realize any dreams, to become anyone! I've been dreaming of dancing since my childhood, but my parents wanted me to go another way, to music school. Just in USA I decided to try to make my childhood dream come true…Why not?

- And how did your dance career go?

- I signed up for dance school. And now I'm in the dance team of the University "Purdue University" where Sam Armstrong had studied. After a couple of months of training I already participated in “Arnold Schwarzenegger sports festival". I believed in myself! Everyone can dance! There are few things in the world that are unattainable. If we had more perseverance and self-confidence, we could find a way almost to any goal. My motto in life is” A new day is always better than the previous one." That is why I have a lot of hobbies, for example, I do parachuting, ride motorcycles, diving, dancing, traveling, baking. I especially love to bake cakes because the smell of the famous cake "Medovik" which reminds me my childhood, carefree and joyful time with my family. My mother used to bake it on holidays...

- How did you become a contestant?

- I moved to San Diego to learn dancing from Boris Rudenko. He is a professional dancer! I came to the Studio" Crown Dance " for training in Latin dance, at this time the contestants were rehearsing a dance number. I also really wanted to participate, and I found a chance to try! On the same day I passed the casting and filled out the form. So, thanks to a happy accident, I became the 14th participant of the contest “Miss Russian San Diego 2018”.

- Your dream?

- San Diego is a wonderful city! In 2006, Money Magazine placed San Diego on the 5th place in the list of "the best cities for life", but in my heart this city is in the first place. I travel a lot, have visited more than 20 countries, but such peace of mind, such a pleasure from life, I felt only here, in my sunny San Diego. My dream is to stay in this city and achieve all my goals.

- Do you miss your family?

- Of course, Yes.

- Do you regret leaving them?

- No. And never regret! Besides, why don't they move to the sunny city of San Diego?

- What would you like to wish all the participants of Miss Russian San Diego 2018?

- I want to wish all the participants of the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contest to enjoy every moment of their lives, all the girls are very beautiful, and each is worthy of victory! The main thing is the process and the fact that we are a real team!

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