N 10 - Marina Shakshina "I've traveled a lot since my childhood"

Marina Shakshina was born and raised in the small Russian City of Kirov.While visiting her sister in the US, she met her true love and stayed.

Now Marina is one of the contestants for Miss Russia San Diego 2018.

From 3 to 16 years of age, Marina was engaged in acrobatics. To stay in shape, she works out in the gym.Also, in her childhood she learned how to draw, now she uses this skill for her job.

After graduating high school, she obtained a diploma of a confectioner. She realized this profession was not for her. Now Marina has a manicure and pedicure business, as she is keen on the design of nails. In addition, she has learned a new sphere - tattoos. Marina really likes her job because she can realize her creative talents.She likes to dance, twisting a hula-hoop is one of her hobbies. She enjoys dancing immensely, Marina likes different music, mostly electronic.

- Do you like cooking?

- I cannot say I like it very much, but sometimes I like it.

- What's your favorite dish?

- I love salad with mozzarella and arugula. It is very tasty and healthy!

- Do you have a dream?

- I dream to open my own beauty salon someday.

- What do you expect from the beauty contest?

- I really want to change myself, to become more sociable and open. In fact, I'm working with this, but it doesn't always work. I hope that the contest will help me in realizing my dreams.

- Do you believe in female friendship?

- Yes, I do. I have a real friend and I dream about the time when she will move here to America.

- Did you meet new friends? How do you like our beauties?

- Some of them I knew before, but many I met for the first time. It's hard for me to start talking to somebody first, - Marina is a very shy girl, - There are some very well trained, beautiful girls. To be honest, all the girls are very nice, I hope we will be friends after the contest.

- Do you have any dream, for example, to get into some new country?

- I've traveled a lot since my childhood, my dad is an addict to travel,- Marina smiles, remembering her father,- We've traveled through a lot of countries together and it's hard to dream about anything else. Europe, Maldives and many other countries are pleasant memories from my childhood.

- Do you miss your parents?

- Yes, very much, but we must to learn how to travel and live independently ...

- What would you like to wish the contestants?

- I wish everyone to get knowledge, experience and continue to spend time together. I’ve only been in the U.S.2 years and I’m very happy to meet new people!

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