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Elena Nekrasova is one of the participants of the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contest, her number is 13.

She was born in Russia in Orenburg region, in the small town Novotroitsk.

- I was brought up by my grandmother as were many children of that time, whose parents had to work hard to provide for the family - saying ...

My childhood was free from parental instructions with a lot freedom. I was an active and creative child. I was engaged in dances and athletics, at the same time I had time to study and do creative work very well. I was fond of poetry and painted. I participated in a talent contest and physical sciences Olympiads. After graduation, the question arose on which profession to study. My parents insisted on me obtaining a technical specialty, even though I wanted to enter a dance school. At that time, in the opinion of my parents, the profession of the choreographer was poorly paid, and they wanted a bright future for me with a decent and highly paid profession, so I entered the Chelyabinsk State University at the Department of Commodity science and Commodity expertise. After graduation, I was supposed to come out a young Quality Engineer and earn a decent salary. However, it never happened. Having graduated from the university during the global economic crisis, I could not find a well-paid job in my specialty, so I decided to return to my hometown and start my own business.

- What kind of business was it?"

- Having obtained initial capital, I opened a European clothing store and soon a second one. It was a pretty successful business, and I was pleased with the results. Then I met my husband and moved to America, where soon my son was born, whom I dedicated the first two years of his life. It was not an easy time for me. A lack of knowledge of English did not give me the slightest chance to find a job in my specialty. However, my son grew up and went to kindergarten, and then I had time to take care of myself. Studying English in college did not seem effective to me and I decided to take a fitness trainer certificate. At that time, I did not think of a career in fitness, the primary purpose was to learn English. But everything changed when the doctors diagnosed me with an inter vertebral hernia and offered to operate. Then I said no, and I do not regret it. After two years of daily training, aimed at strengthening the back, I completely got rid of the pain. Also, as I was studying in college, every day I became more and more deeply involved in the study of the human body and how to make it strong while not injuring it. For two years of study and continuous training my body was completely transformed. Then I transformed myself from a frail and thin girl into a strong and physically enduring person. I wanted to share my knowledge with others. Now I work as a personal trainer and teach group classes.

- What are your plans for the future?

- I plan to find a job that is close to my specialty, Quality Engineering. To do this, I'm working on getting a certificate as an Environmental Health Specialist. I want to work in the quality control, namely, to control the quality and safety of restaurant food. I plan to keep my personal training job as a favorite hobby to help people who could benefit from my knowledge. I constantly improve my qualifications, get certificates, read scientific articles and attend conferences. Recently I received a certificate of "Biomechanics method corrective exercise". I want to concentrate on functional training, which helps to increase mobility and stability, improve strength and develop flexibility, thereby correcting the human posture and relieving pain. After all, fitness for me is not only an increase in muscle mass and endurance; it is primarily a movement without pain.

- What do you expect from the contest?

- Emotion! I am an emotional person and I think a person is alive, as long as he experiences emotions and whether positive or negative is important. When I want to cry I am crying; want to laugh – l am laughing, want to scream - I am screaming. I'm afraid of indifference, because it's the end. I also want to learn to be more feminine and walk on heels. In the hectic and everyday worries, we, women, sometimes forget about ourselves and about our appearance. This contest, I believe, is an excellent chance to reveal yourself from a more feminine side.

- Do you believe in friendship?

- Yes, I know how to be friends and I value my friends very much, I'm ready share everything, I'll give them the shirt off my back! One day we will grow older, children will go to their adult life, and friends will remain. It will be necessary in old age with someone on rollers to roll with and hold on to each other when we fall.

- Do you have time for any hobbies?

- I continue to be involved in dancing. I recently learned paired Latin American dances. Perhaps it is already clear from what has been said that sport is my motivator in life. I just want to add that I've been swimming for three years now, trying to include it in my cardio workouts to train my heart, thereby developing endurance. I think swimming is the best option for this. I like to draw, but there is practically no time for it. One of my most important hobbies is traveling. I dream of buying a house on wheels and traveling around the Americas. After all, there are so many interesting and exciting things in the world that I do not yet know and have not seen! But this is only for the time being.

- What would you like to wish Miss Russian San Diego 2018 participants?

Get what they came for from this contest. Some have come, like me for emotions, some to overcome barriers and fears, and for some it may be a good start to a successful career in the modeling or television business. I also wish them to show their individuality but not lose it. And of course, I wish everyone a victory, but seriously, even though they are my rivals. Most importantly, I want this project to bring them pleasure, otherwise, all this does not make sense.

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