N5 - Marina Lisovskaya "I'm talking about living in America"

Marina Lisovskaya is one of the contestants of Miss Russia San Diego 2018 and her number is “5”. Marina is a blogger (Instagram nickname @lis_in_america), a successful business girl from Krasnodar who left her career behind to be with her beloved man in America a little less than a year ago.

Marina traveled a lot and managed to visit different countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Israel, repeatedly India, Mexico, Kazakhstan and beautiful Abkhazia. She has also visited a lot of ski resorts because she is a fan of snowboarding. She lived in Moscow for several years and worked in one of the best beauty salons "MONE". Marina is an American now and she has a joint business with her husband. In addition, she studies English all the time and constantly improving.

- What are your dreams?

- Once I dreamed of living in Thailand when I get older but I'm in love with San Diego now.

Very emotional and positive Marina told me about meeting her husband, about long time waiting for and finding her true love. On my question about why she came to the casting, she answered confidently:

- I am a stylist and hairdresser since 2006 but I also graduated from the Kuban State University the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. I even managed to work as a teacher of physics and mathematics for 3 years. But in 2008 I already opened my own beauty salon. I also plan to open a beauty salon here in the US. My successful business in Krasnodar and Moscow gave me great opportunities for self-realization. I managed to get my own home in Krasnodar and I'm very proud of it. I always wanted freedom that's why I became independent so early in my life. Being a wife now, I understand that my career success is very important to me. I want to be myself and I like to be in the circle of beautiful and interesting people, so I came to participate in the competition. But this is not my first beauty contest! I participated in such an event and took 2nd place when I was in my teens.

- Where did you get married?

- It was in Las Vegas! It was a touching and very romantic wedding. I remember every minute of this happy day of my life.

- Do you have a hobby?

- I love to create ornaments. I like to create beauty with my own hands, it will be an excellent addition in my salon.

- What do you cover in your blog?

- I'm talking about living in America, traveling around the country. I’ve visited Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah so far. I organize hiking groups around LA and SD. I'm a vegetarian however I cook meat dishes for my husband no matter what. I love to cook, and I share my recipes through Instagram. I like to be in the center of attention and being surrounded by many people, this is my thing. I like to help people, even homeless people. It's nice to receive positive vibes and it charges me with good energy!

- Do you believe in friendship?

- I have many friends, even men. They ask me for advice and I gladly share my opinion. I really love my friends.

- What would you like to wish for Miss Russian San Diego 2018 participants?

- Each of us is already a winner. We became friends and we will be friends after the competition. We like to learn more about each other day by day. Thank you for interviewing the participants. I wish all girls happiness and success in everything! I wish our beauties to shine and illuminate way to people. I wish you happiness!

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