Miss Russian San Diego 2018 Kseniia Anikyshina "The stage has always been my favorite place sin

The chief editor and publishers of the Russian-American magazine "Gorozhanka" are devoting the entire fall issue to the Miss Russian San Diego 2018 pageant.

This will be a special edition to celebrate Gorozhanka’s 10th-anniversary as well.

After the casting was completed, contestants were engaged in 3.5 months training with world famous San Diego based instructors - Boris Rudenko and Elena Chirkov. (The contestants) The girls had rigorous training in the school of dance, professional runway walking, posing on a camera, professional interviewing skills and studied these skills diligently with the inspirational dreams of glamorous careers.

Producers of the gala pageant from Gorozhanka orchestrated an excellent musical and dance program for classic entertainment. The entrance of the convention center was decorated with banners graced by numerous names of sponsors and a Step and Repeat, as well as an exhibition of beautiful women’s specialty products.

Verve and fanfare have waned, each participant received gifts and nominations, professional portfolio with photos and video interviews. First place winner of Miss Russian San Diego, thanks to the sponsors, accepted a proposal to enter the fast-upcoming contest Miss Russian California.

Ksenia Anikushina was awarded first place of Miss Russian San Diego 2018 pageant.

Kseniia Anikyshina moved to San Diego from Ukraine. She is Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contestant, her number is 2.

She was born in Russia and grew up in a town called Dnepropetrovsk. She loves her name and even though for many it’s difficult to pronounce, she considers it to hold a very special energy. When Kseniia was a child she was a very shy girl, and that’s why her mother sent her to a Taras Shevchenko theater studio for children, where for 7 years she studied choreography, vocals and acting. It was the theater that gave her self-confidence and ability to deal with difficult situations.

“I’m very happy and excited that the Miss Russia San Diego 2018 competition will take place in a theater, because theater was my favorite childhood place” said Kseniia.

Three years ago, Kseniia came to America on a student program called Work and Travel and felt that she wanted to live in this country. After the program ended she went back home, graduated from her university, got a student visa and came back.

So now she is back in the beautiful San Diego, participating in the competition, dreaming to better her English language, get into a master’s program and continues to do what she loves in the modeling industry, working as a model. Everything that she does she finishes to the end with passion and enthusiasm. “I love to live, create and show myself!”, said Kseniia. My main goal is to create a family and at the same time have a successful career. For the question of what is your hobby Kseniia said: I believe in healthy living, and for the beauty of life in all its aspects. I love to participate in the modeling business, photoshoots, and video shows. I love to take pictures, write poems and travel.

- How is your relationship with your parents, your Mom?

Kseniia had tears in her eyes:

- I miss my family a lot, I feel like I need them with me. Every day I speak to my Mom on the phone, for me she is the closest person in my life and my best friend. My Mom is my role model, very talented and successful in everything that she does! Of course I also love my brother, he always protected me , supported me and told me that I will succeed in everything that I do. He got married not long ago and I regret that I wasn’t there for him. My father – the best man in my life, we were always friends, often remember how we went fishing together when I was a child.

- Your Education?

- I think I will surprise you. It took me a while to figure out what I want to be with my career. It was an accident – when coming to the university I couldn’t find the registration office, so I asked a passing man who happened to oversee the counseling office. He advised me to specialize in “mountain engineering with deeper knowledge of English. I was a very good student and at night took courses in economics. While I was in school I had to mix my studies and competitions shows, photo sessions, advertisements, it became part of my life. Now I’m studying in the San Diego University for Integrative Studies.

- Is it possible that being involved in competitions made you more popular?

- There could be something to it, - Kseniia said while smiling, - but it doesn’t bother me. What’s important for me is to be myself, get better, and never stop learning. While competing I want to show everyone the beauty of Russian Girls is a mix of good looks, intelligence, and kindness.

- Why did you come to compete in this pageant?

- I believe in fate and lucky break. When coming to America, it was very hard in the beginning, there was not enough time and ability to do what I love. Something always held me back, but when I moved to San Diego, my life changed for the better. I went back into doing what I love, and this contest is proof of that. Being a part of this competition for me is meeting interesting people, a storm of emotions, and of course another chance to find myself, and maybe find new contacts for my modeling career.

- What would you like to wish for other contestants in the Miss Russian San Diego?

- Fair judgement and healthy competition! The most important is to believe in yourself, be open to learning new things, deal with criticism, and of course good luck not only in this contest but also in life!Also, I wish honesty in relationships, faithfulness, friendship, so that from this competition we can carry away only bright and positive emotions.

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