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Aleksandra Stasevich, a Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contestant was born in Russia’s Far East region - being surrounded by Japanese sea waters, in the beautiful and unique city of Vladivostok. Aleksandra also goes by Sasha, in Russia it is common to have one official and an abbreviated name. Much of her childhood and youth, was spent with her grandparents whose home was located by the Azov seashores, located opposite from Vladivostok in a Western region of Russia. Sasha spent many summers with her grandparents being surrounded by love, friends, endless sun, home cooking and classic literature. Sasha currently resides in her favorite city, San Diego, CA.

Sasha thrives on building her career and her personal life. I asked Sasha to share with me her interests in Chinese culture and language:

“I was always a very independent child. I spent many years travelling coast to coast, visiting other countries attending language schools and exploring other cultures forming my love for movement and freedom embodying my life now. Vladivostok and San Diego are sister cities, they face each other from different continents only being divided by the Pacific Ocean.

I graduated high school with a Silver Medal decoration for excellent studies and I was granted an education at one of the most prestigious universities in the Far Eastern Region. My chosen major was to be Asian Studies with focus in Chinese economics and language. I lived in China for a couple years during and after my university years where I was practicing language and building international business skills. My education was very common and was not unique from others in Vladivostok therefore I am modest about my achievements and feel there is still so much to learn! I will be 29 in August and I am currently a Global Operations Manager at Blacksmith International, which is a company providing consulting, supply chain, design and manufacturing services for Consumer brands. I am elated that I am using my skills, have a career in the field of my profession and continuously learn new things! Due to my work, I travel very often, not only locally but also overseas, therefore every minute spent at home is like a vacation, going back to a beautiful place like San Diego makes it even more valuable. Living here for five years, I call San Diego my second home and it continues to inspire and energize me with its beautiful nature, weather and vibe.”

- What are your hobbies?

- I love everything active and exciting and fill my free time with various activities. My father taught me to ski when I was 10 and my mother introduced me to windsurfing at 16. I have been dancing since I was 5, recently I fell in love with Latin dance - salsa and bachata. I also enjoy strenuous hiking, swimming, yoga, running, surfing. Cooking is a form of a moving meditation for me where I can express myself trough making unique and beautiful dishes. Since I was a kid I have always been a good observer of people and relationships and my interest in psychology grew with years. Last year I dived into learning more about the human mind, brain capabilities, energies and family constellations. Exploring the secret to human happiness through observation, communication and self-training I learned a lot about myself and human kind in general which opened my eyes to the world from a new and fresh perspective. I believe that the most important connection in life is a connection within, our inner self. When this connection is strong, our capabilities are limitless, our connection with the outer world is light, free and natural and we can attract the best life has to offer. All the wisdom, strength and energy is installed in us. It is important to let ourselves accept it and not hide from this unlimited power. This is pure magic!

- Why did you decide to participate in the contest?

- I became involved very unexpectedly thanks to my mom, who has always been my best friend and generator of the most fun and outrageous ideas whom lives in San Diego with us now. This contest for me is a unique, exquisite experience and gives me an opportunity to awaken public and creative part of myself expanding my personal borders. I have always been more rational and logic person rather than girly girl, therefore this contest for me is an opportunity to let go, have fun with girls and just enjoy the process no matter what happens.

- Your wishes to other contestants?

- My wish is for all the girls to enjoy this moment, create beautiful memories and take from the contest whatever is most valuable and desired for them – either it is a crown, new experiences, new connections or anything else. No matter what it is we are all here for our own reason, bringing different talents, backgrounds and energy into one whole beautiful synergy, and every girl is a beautiful brilliant, irreplaceable part of the crown!

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