N9 - Katerina Sheremet "In pursuit of my goal, I accept both ups and downs optimistically!&quot

Katerina Sheremet became a participant of Miss Russian San Diego 2018 contest remotely, her number is 9.

It was adopted unanimously, all organizers voted "for" firstly because she is very beautiful, and secondly she is very purposeful.

She sent photos, filled out a questionnaire, asked many questions and won us over. She also received her number "9", at a distance, being in distant Ukraine.

Meet Katya she is 23 years old. In August she arrived to live in America, and in September she will be one of the contestants of Miss Russia San Diego 2018.

I asked her to tell me about herself:

- I have one feature, I am - Real! I am who I am. Achieving my goal, I accept both ups and downs optimistically. If I fall from my ladder of success, I quickly rise and with a smile on my face I continue to move on. This year I graduated from the university with honors degree of junior specialist attorney. My second diploma is in the restaurant business.

- Your hobbies?

- Choreography! I embraced it when I was 3 years old and never let go. Until now, I support my dance form and regularly practice the necessary physical activities.

I like traveling very much, because while being on track you can better yourself, most likely, rethink your current life, maybe even change something.

- Your dreams?

- I want that we are all healthy and each of us has longevity and happiness in our life, and also that everyone has the opportunity to travel and learn something new.

- Tell me something about your family.

- I have a younger sister and I am an example for her. In life, I live in such a way that my mother is proud, my husband admired, and my sister is inspired by my example. Also, for me, family support is very important. My whole life I was supported by my beloved, my one and only Mom. She supports me in all my real and not entirely real projects. I'm very unpredictable, and as my mom says: "I do not know what to expect from you" (of course, in a good sense).

I have a very active and positive life position; (I consider this as my other dignity). I take authority and responsibility seriously.

- What do you expect from the competition?

- I expect to get pleasure from participation in the competitions I must prevail in. My life credo: "Nothing happens for any reason, everything happens at the right moment and at the right time!"

I'm on the team Miss Russian San Diego 2018 and I am honored and fortunate to participate in this wonderful project.

- What would you like to wish the participants of the competition?

- To all the beauties I want to wish spark it up and just be yourself. We are all worthy of victory. Let the strongest win.

#KaterinaSheremet #MissRussianSanDiego

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