GOROZHANKA PORTAL: "Answers for our readers and advertisers questions"

Hello, dear friends!

"Gorozhanka” Magazine is receiving questions!

We are very glad that you, our readers are interested in "Gorozhanka” Magazine and would like to answer:

How often is "Gorozhanka" published?

- "Gorozhanka" is published once per season – Spring , Summer, Fall, Winter.

"Gorozhanka" portal however www.gorozhanka.com is being updated several times a week

Who is a target audience of "Gorozhanka"?

- The audience of the portal is from 20 to 65 years old, readers of the printed version are little older, their age is from 35 and older (younger crowd prefers to read the online version)

- What is the Magazine's circulation?

- Magazine’s printed version is 3.000 to 5.000 copies and is distributed by the address mailing list.

Readers of the electronic materials significantly exceed their number and reach 25,000 people per month.

What is the magazine "Gorozhanka” and the portal of the same name talking about?

- Read about the news of fashion, culture, stories of interesting people, stories about different countries, secrets of beauty, healthy lifestyle and success. On the pages of our publication you can get acquainted with doctors, lawyers, brokers, cosmetologists and art professionals. We are informing about beauty pageants and the winners, about cultural traditions and upbringing of children.

We would like to add that the magazine "Gorozhanka" turned 12 this year.

We are very glad to inform you that this is a Social Project and very beautiful one. During the years of its existence, "Gorozhanka " has done a lot of good for the native diaspora, "Gorozhanka"received recognition of the Russian Embassy and the world famous "Voice of America" as well as US Senators and officials.

Each event, that is organized by the editorial board of the magazine is a celebration, the main component of which is the promotion of the native language, culture, traditions for the benefit of their preservation in American life of our citizens.

We sincerely thank all our advertisers and sponsors for their support!

If you have any questions about advertisement call:

(415)240-6467 - Publisher of Gorozhanka magazine Yana Sanakina

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