N5 - Anna Vasileva: "My dreams seem to be coming true!"

February 25, 2019


Is an outstanding model who is extremely poised, photogenic and takes directions well. She leads a busy and fulfilling life. Even though Anna has a hectic professional schedule her ability to prioritize and organize always allow her to put her family first. She makes sure she keeps her parents and son as a priority daily. At a moment’s notice, Anna’s professionalism and flexibility allow her to step into any modeling job.

However, when she’s speaking about her favorite people, Anna becomes very emotional, and shows her true self as a passionate and dedicated friend and family member. Anna was born in the city of Tyumen, and left Russia 8 years ago. She resided 4 years in Thailand and 1 year-in Milan, Italy.


Back in Tyumen she started her modeling career, as the face of a famous boutique.

Anna finds it thrilling to travel the world, and after her travels to 30 countries, she revisited many of them more than once. After falling in love with the US, Anna chose to move here to pursue her modeling career to its fullest. She has embraced American culture and intends to make this her home forever. Anna is grateful to her mother for helping her obtain and extensive background in English. Armed with the knowledge of the English language, she is well equipped to pursue her American Dreams. Even now that Anna is a popular model and her life is very bright and rewarding, the most important person in her life is her 8-year-old son, whom she cherishes.

Anna hopes that her efforts and sacrifices will allow her son to have a more stable and prosperous life in the US.


- Do you miss Siberia?

- I have many friends in Siberia with whom I am in contact here, in the US. We mutually support each other. It gives me much pleasure to hear about my homeland, which I hold dear to my heart.

- Having such a busy life do you find it hard to have any hobbies?

- Being a lifelong learner, I always make time for learning something new! I am fond of painting, which I studied at Pasadena Art Center. I continue to take private lessons, where I am learning to paint magical pictures. I would love to learn to play the piano, to compliment the voice lessons from my childhood.

- Of what are you dreaming?

- My dream is to become a private jet pilot or serve in the US Airforce. For real! The thrill of flying a jet while having a stable livelihood would provide what I’m missing currently. For the most part I am blessed that my dreams seem to be coming true one by one.

- What’s your relationship with your mom?

- My relationship with my mom is loving and strong. She is my friend, role model, and is a beautiful, successful, and intelligent woman. Also, my mother-in-law is one of my favorite people. Despite the divorce with my ex-husband, she and I maintain a good relationship. She adores her grandson and is always a welcome guest in our home.


- Do you believe in women's friendship?

-  “No, I do not believe in it generally,”- answered Anna firmly, - I do not believe in it for many reasons, however there are always exceptions to the rule. In the past I’ve had bad experiences with female friends. Perhaps this is due to a lack of time in getting to know each other. Since then I have read quite a few books on psychology. Realizing that any relationship is based on a mutually beneficial union, one could understand how women may not see another woman as an ally, but a possible threat. With this knowledge I am striving to have better relationships with female acquaintances.

- What do wish for your fellow contestants in the Miss Russian San Diego 2019 Pageant? - I strongly believe that after qualifying to participate in the pageant, that all the girls have already grasped the first victory. Now, the remaining work to be done is to persevere, be poised and smile! I wish the best of luck to all the contestants.


Anna starred in advertising of Kandy Swimwear, was on the cover of Playboy, Cosmolady, and is currently writing a book. She has experience in how a Hollywood movie is shot, thanks to her role in "Sugar Baby".

Soon, she will be in the movie "Business of Betrayal"


- Who is your hero?  

- My mother for sure!

- You seem to be a workaholic?

- That’s right! I never in my life received anything without hard work! However, I consider the birth of my son as my most important achievement.



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