N1 - Roxana Boyarsky: “There are no mistakes only lessons!”

Roxana was born in Moscow and graduated from the University with her bachelor’s in public relationships. She became a mother and made her dreams come true when she came to live in California.

- Your name is so beautiful and unique.

- Well, my mom gave me the name Oxana, but honestly, I didn’t really like my name. I really admired my sister’s name Anastasia. One day I even asked my sister to swap names and offered her $3. She agreed to lend me her name for a week. It was very funny. When I came to the US and told people my name, they accidentally heard Roxana and I really liked it, so that’s how I became Roxana.

Since childhood I saw myself living in the United States. I didn’t plan but somehow always knew that I’m going to be living here. Once we traveled to Miami and I so fell in love with that place, climate, people and culture. It was so beautiful that I really didn’t want to leave. We spent 6 months there then went back to Russia. As I remember it, it was mid-January, cold weather, lack of sun, slush on the streets, heavy traffic. It was very dreary and all I dream at that moment was to be back in the United States. Soon I also had a vacation in Florida, and it looks like my vacation wasn’t finished for 3.5 years. Soon after, I moved to California and was amazed by beauty of this state. Ocean, mountains, forest, desert- all in one place. At that point I understand that it was the place where I wanted to spend my life.

- Weren’t you afraid to move alone?

- My father first was concerned about this serious step of mine but my mom supported my decision. I’m thankful to her for her help and support, her precious advice in harsh times. She is the closest person to me and I’m very happy that she has had an opportunity to visit us several times a year.

- What are your plans and goals for life? What would you like to do after the pageant?

- I became a student and I am now finishing my prerequisites for nursing school. This is a big step for me as the medical industry is a completely different field for me. My mom is a doctor by the way, and she is very happy that I started following her path. I really love helping people, it truly fulfills me. Also, I like acting and want to tryout as an actress. At school I used to act a lot. I know, acting and nursing are two different stories but I like new experiences and time will tell the best way for me.

- Tell us about your hobbies, please.

- I have a lot of hobbies. I love to study a lot and try new things. I like spending time with interesting books. For example, now I’m reading “Ayurveda”. It is about the ancient knowledge of alternative medicine, natural healing, food and meditation practices. Also, I love yoga, hiking and traveling.

- Do you believe in women’s friendship?

- Yes, I do when you don’t let it get too close. I have a very good friend in Russia. We know each other for more than 10 years. Even thousands of miles don’t set us apart and we keep in touch quite often. Sometimes I feel like there is no sincerity in friendships. Although I still hope to meet a true friend.

- What are your dreams and plans for a future?

- I plan to finely learn Spanish, travel around the World, get to know new cultures, people, and experience different places. Also, I dream of becoming an actress.

This is from my childhood dream. Of course, I want to be more conscious, the best version of myself.

- Our magazine is about women and my next question is about your mom. What relationships do you have with each other?

- My mom means a lot to me! She is my motivator, my teacher and greatest supporter! It wasn’t easy for her to put up with the fact that her only grandson lives that far from her. At the same time, she is very happy for us. My motto: Have a mind that is open to everything but attached to nothing. Which means that the most important things in life are not the things. I think it’s very important to stay positive and grateful. Even if something is not going your way and fails, you learn a priceless lesson and get an experience.

- What would you wish for other contestants?

- I wish the girls enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience! It’s not easy to leave your comfort zone but once you do, you will see the endless amount of opportunities our life can offer. Believe in yourself and be happy!”

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