N2 - Margaryta Gvritishvili: "IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE!"

Margaryta a participant of the Miss Russian San Diego 2019 pageant, was born in Ukraine, in the small city of Rivne. Her parents met at the University in Ukraine. Sometime later, the whole family moved to Georgia because Margaryta's father was from this extraordinary, beautiful country.Having lived there for 10 years, they returned to Ukraine. After finishing school, Margaryta continued her education and graduated from the University of Foreign Languages. After that Margaryta came to America to her sister, who at that time was already living in the United States with her husband.

- You probably have learned English well after graduation?

- Yes, and German too.

- What was your first place of destination in the States?

- Hawaii, from which I of course, was in love from the first day until now. I lived there with my sister and my brother-in-law. After living there for almost 2 years we decided to move to sunny San Diego, which we are calling our home now.

- What are your hobbies?

- After living in Hawaii, I fell in love with hiking! Also, I love dancing. Have you heard about contemporary dance?

- No, first time hearing about it. Tell me more about it.

- Contemporary dance is a combination of jazz and modern techniques with elements of oriental dance. All this feeling from this style helps me express my feelings, feel my body and purpose of it. I am also a big fan of active sports; I love going to the gym in my free time and eating exceptionally healthy food.

- What was the dish on Foodie & Design that you presented? Some kind of unique type of dessert.

- This, by the way, was one of the desserts that I am planning to sell in health stores, it was a personal dessert receipt, which is not only delicious, but also very healthy for you. Hopefully very soon it will be available for the purchase, but right now it all still in the process.

- You seem to have an entrepreneurial drive?

- Yes, I have a talent in the field of sales, I can say even more than that I am really good at it.

- What is your relationship with your mother?

- My mother and I have the best relations in the world, she is my best friend number one, and my sister is number two. They are very wise, strong and reliable! I am so happy that I have such a good family, they are always ready to support me with their care and love.

- What are your dreams?

- Now my dream number 1 is to have my mom next to me.

- Your mother is Ukrainian, and father is from Georgia. Do you feel Georgian?

- The time when my mom was saying that I have a Georgian drive, I wasn’t really getting what “Georgian drive” means,- Margarita laughs,- but now I know that thanks to my Georgian genes, I can do a lot more! In childhood I was spending all my summer holidays with my Georgian grandmother in the village, who instilled in me many of the best qualities and traditions that are priceless.

- Do you believe in female friendship?

- Yes, I do. I have a best friend who is very far away from me, but I always remember her and love her a lot.

- What do you wish for all participants of Miss Russian San Diego?

- I wish each of us to get experience that will be useful to us in the future, to learn something new. Also, to overcome all your fears that you might have and become better.

- What is your motto?

- IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE! I believe that after all, each of us makes their own decision for how to live your life, so if you want to be happy, its only up to you to make it happen.

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