Kseniia Anikushina: "Miss Russian San Diego was the first step!"

Kseniia Anikushina came to the US last year.

After learning that the pageant was announced in San Diego, she came to the casting and was accepted.

Victory did not come easily to her: Kseniia combined studies and the additional load associated with the pageant, it was not simple, but she never gave up. Besides, she won! Next, she won a pageant Miss Russian California and became the 3-rd runner up of Miss Russian USA.

Successful Kseniia told us about her victories and efforts to win, secrets of accomplishment, gifts and her desire to help us!

- You just recently came to live in America and in such short time you achieved so much. Are you just lucky or have any secrets of success?

- Luck probably was that I found myself in the right place at the right time... It was not the first pageant for me…I was "Miss University" in Ukraine, also won the pageant "Miss Conte.

Then became "Miss Audience Award" of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 2015, became a finalist of the pageant "Miss Passage", "Miss Russian Radio" and finally "Top Model of Ukraine 2016".

One must fight for victory, do everything possible to achieve the result, try your best. I do not share the stereotype that outer beauty is the most important thing. Yes, of course, it is a plus, but more important is the beauty of the soul, the mind, the upbringing and the manner of presenting themselves... Also, the significant secret of success-is serious attitude, self-confidence and, of course, the desire to enjoy everything that is happening.

- Kseniia, what did you get from the participation in Miss Russian San Diego 2018?

- The pageant Miss Russian San Diego 2018 and preparation for it was one of the brightest episodes of my life in America. I added new friends, experienced a lot of bright, positive emotions, and again believed in my strength. It was the first step.

After I won it, I realized: now everything changed, and I will succeed! It means I’m on the right track. Victory is a big joy of my life, it changed it in a big way, and I believe, it is for the better. So far, I did not get any serious job offers as a model, but I believe that it’s still ahead of me. I have a lot of plans for the future. One needs to strive constantly for better in this fabulous business!

- Please tell us what gifts and prizes you received?

- I received:

* Scholarship check for $1,000 to continue education

* Jewelry set cost $5,000 which was produced jointly by Russian Brilliants® (Matt Meis) and a famous jeweler Aaron Suley

* Cosmetics gift basket from Rejuvelab Professional Skin Care

* A set of face care products from the company LUMAVERA

* Woolen knitted goods from the company Sleep and Beyond

* Professional ballroom dance shoes from Ali Mob Shoes

* Gift card ($500) from a well-known jeweler Alber Rezko to buy jewelry in his shop

* Laser teeth whitening from a dentist Alex Buznikov, DDS from Los Angeles ($500)

* Gift from “Kartina TV”

* Cover of Magazine "Gorozhanka" and interview in magazine* $3,000

* Two photo sessions with celebrity photographers Lana and Igor Dovbenko Stunning Photography

* Participation in the photo shoots and events organized by our MC Sonya Berg

* Steam FacialAfter one victory - you won again.

- The pageant Miss Russian California — was a serious challenge, but you won!

- You are right, it was not easy, my rivals were very formidable, and a month and a half without rest… every weekend I was riding a bus to Sacramento at night. Then was a full day of training, the next night – the ride home, and in the morning - I went to school again.

However, as hard as it was, it was interesting and exciting for me too. The preparation process charged me with incredible energy. I was initially tuned in to win this pageant, and it happened. Many thanks to my family and friends for the support and fabulous designer Lisseth Corrao for such beautiful outfits. I am very thankful to all who supported me-your sincerity, kind words and faith in me helped me to be strong and worthy to win in this pageant!

- Then you received prizes again?

- Yes, prizes again, - the Queen smiles.

* Jewelry set from the company Shariff

* Scholarship check for $1,000 to continue education

* Professional Studio photo session for «Russian Time» Magazine

* «Russian Time» Magazine cover Story (with photo on the cover and double track inside)

* Amador County Wine Limo Tour (up to 6 hours, 18 passengers)

* Sacramento Fashion Week two VIP admissions to the opening show

* $100 gift certificate to Scott’s Seafood

* Lovely lashes supplies

* Cosmetic Set

* Designer Swim Set from Ulyana

- With your study and work mode, frankly speaking, I was surprised by your decision to participate in Miss Russian USA. Where did your power came from?

- I doubted a bit, whether to participate or not. However, the victory in other pageants gave me new strength, and I decided to try. There was very little time to prepare.

Miss Russian California took place on November 2, and on November 11 I was required to be at Miss Russian USA.

The week in New York proved to be complex and hectic. Training sessions started again and also, I had to prepare a number for the talent show. But seven years of studies in the theater have not gone in vain to find a partner choreographer in New York and to put together a dance number in 5 days was not such a difficult task after all. I managed.

For me, any pageant is a short life. You are enthusiastic to accomplish something, you have someone to look at, someone to lean on, someone to become a role model. I give myself to the work completely and this, probably, is the secret of my victories.

- Can you tell us about the prizes Miss Russian USA?

- The prize from the organizer was a Travel Package:

*Hard Rock Hotel Casino Punta Cana Trip For 2 *4 days / 3 nights all-inclusive trip for 2 to the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, Punta Cana (room, and meals included). Book December through November 2019 - plane fare not included) from DREAM DATE DESTINATIONS.

- Now you are helping to train a new team of Miss Russian San Diego 2019 contestants. Is it because of the appreciation of organizers for your stellar career or something else?

- I’ve seen how much effort the organizers Yana Sanakina and Olga Solovyeva have invested in Miss Russian San Diego; the preparation requires a huge harmonious daily work from everyone. It's a lot of work! I am very interested in the whole process of preparation, not only the pageant itself. I know how difficult it is for the girls at first, and I want to help everyone to express themselves, to reveal their new potential, to become more elegant, beautiful and positive.

Well and to be absolutely honest, I already miss that atmosphere which reigned at our preparation of pageant, and it is interesting to try myself in this new role.

- Miss Russian San Diego – is a nonprofit project. Do you have any plans to organize any charitable projects?

- The charity resonates with me. From early childhood I helped homeless animals. I still don't understand the people who throw animals out in the street. The biggest shock I experienced, is when we performed the first time in an orphanage. We collected a lot of things, food, sweets and toys, but the most important thing for the children was communication. We left the orphanage humbled with the experience and with tears in our eyes.It is difficult for me to organize charitable projects myself, but I would like to help such children.

Maybe all this will happen a little later. I am very happy that Miss Russian San Diego is a charitable Project. That is also one of the reasons that I am helping with the preparation.

- How would you like to advise the participants of the beauty pageant?

- Girls, learn something new, enjoy the process. Each of you accomplished her own victory, maybe not everyone. You will become self-confident and more open, sociable, transform for the better, find new friends, cease to be afraid of the scene, and add color to your everyday life. Then one of you will win the crown! There’s no losers or winners, they do not exist, each of the contestants will get a valuable experience, which will be used for the rest of their life! The most important is not to wait for the victory to happen suddenly, but to apply maximum effort to get it!

- What about the organizers?

- I would like to thank sincerely those without whom this project would never happen, to express the words of great gratitude to the organizers of the pageant, who managed to bring together so many creative people.

Well done! You really tried to make a day for everyone, worked a lot, organized a lot of events: There were photo shoots, master classes, and meetings with interesting people. Don’t leave this good deed! I hope that Miss Russian San Diego will become better and better each year!

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