#7 Iaroslava Caracosa: “The secret is: If life offers you two ways, always choose the harder one.”

Iaroslava was born in Ukraine, in a military family. Since her childhood she was moving a lot; however, two cities became key in her life: Vinnytsia and Kiev.

She moved to the United States last July because the love of her life lives here. Her husband is an American citizen, so they live here now. The couple likes to travel a lot and dreams of getting old in Florence, Italy—this is their beloved city.

Iaroslava was born in an intelligent family that helped her become such a bright person.

"My father is a military man, he is very courageous, reliable and prudent person.

My mother is a teacher, very sociable, kind, with a great sense of humor and incredibly beautiful! I also have the prettiest and the smartest sister in the world.

She is just 11 years old and I believe she is going to have a great future. I’m very persistent; that’s true, but I’m truly a blessed girl because my parents have always supported me. Thus, for me it was very natural to pursue and achieve a PhD in literature at a quite young age." - says the participant of the contest Miss Russian San Diego 2019 with love for her family.

- Why did you decide to take part in a beauty contest?

- I admit honestly, I really like to feel like a princess, a beautiful girl, whose appearance is recognized as attractive. Although I believe that we, women, must always keep this feeling inside regardless of whether we just woke up or tired coming back home after a long working day.That is why I decided to participate in Miss Russian San Diego 2019.Let it sound loud, but I want to show in this way that you always have to believe in yourself and allow yourself not to miss the moment, to allow it, because we often restrain and limit our aspirations. Most importantly, to confirm once again that it is never too late nor too early to fulfill your dreams.

- Do you believe in female friendship?

- I am very sociable and I have many acquaintances, but not so many friends. There are girls who do not envy or condemn; they are self-sufficient and friendship with them is a privilege!

- The word "MOM" for you.

- Mom - my best friend, someone with whom I always share all the experiences and joys. She will always understand and help, she feels me thousands of kilometers away.

- Tell us about your hobbies please.

- My hobbies are simple, but quite diverse. I adore singing, I have sung since childhood, if asked, I can do it without hesitation anywhere. I often sing to my husband, he says he really likes it! (He better!) I also play the piano, and as an external student graduated from a music school in the study of bandura, a Ukrainian folk instrument.

By the way, for the presentation of the talents of the Miss Russian San Diego competition, I am preparing a Ukrainian folk song in my own performance, accompanying on a bandura.

Hopefully, I will always be able to play this beautiful instrument! In addition, I love horse riding and cycling. I love horses and all animals in general; I think they are special! I also enjoy reading detective novels. I even wrote my dissertation based on modern Ukrainian detective literature.

- What are your dreams?

- My dreams are many. Family values ​​are very important to me; therefore, everything that concerns the well-being and atmosphere of my family comes first to me.

The day before yesterday, I wrote down my plans for 2019.

The first item was to pass the exam to obtain my insurance agent license. Recently, I achieved this task, so I’ve already succeeded at this point, and now you know whom to ask for insurance any time you need.

The second item on the list is to win at Miss Russian San Diego 2019.

Now, I am actively preparing for this stage. I am not afraid to talk about my plans. I believe that the universe should hear about our dreams!

- What is your life motto?

- My life principle may seem strange however, it is the way it is. If life offers you two ways, always choose the harder one, this is where you will meet fewer competitors and the journey will be much more interesting. I am a hard worker, especially when working on myself. I am not afraid to admit that I do not know something yet. All the beauty is in the process of learning!

- Your plans?

- People remember my great-grandparents as very kind, very sympathetic and always ready to help others. I want to be like them so that people would remember me and provoke a smile. The happier I make people, the happier I will be; it is simple, and if I can get to know a lot of people, precisely because of the modelling career, it would be just perfect. I consider the word “popularity” apart from its negative connotations, for me this is just an enhanced opportunity to be useful.

- What would you like to wish the participants of the contest Miss Russian San Diego?

- I wish the girls participating in the competition inner harmony. After all, beauty is not only outside, it is also inside!

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