N10 - Snezhana Willis: "I am happy to see smiles on children's faces!"

Snezhana came to America with experience in the modeling business, studied a lot and was always open to learning something new and beautiful.

However, now she realizes that she likes beautiful houses, architecture and interiors most of all, therefore real estate is becoming the sphere of her activity.

Snezhana hopes to change the world for the better. She is a volunteer who organized multiple charity events including GoFundMe pages for the needy people from our Russian community, as well as for the church. When asked where she was born, she answered, with a warm smile:

- I was born in the sunny hero-city of Sevastopol, and now I live in the same sunny Orange County with my mom,” but I would like to say that Snezhana plans to move to San Diego soon.

- Where does such an unusual and rare name come from?

- My Mom named me Snezhana, firstly, because she really liked this name, it is actually very rare. Also, because I was born on the snowiest day in the whole history of cloudless Crimea! Snezhana is associated with something magical, snowy, like a snowflake or snow maiden, it is a unique name, associated with snow, winter, magic etc...

When I was born there was a real blizzard, snowfall, very high drifts, public transportation stopped etc... It is unheard of to have such weather for the sunny Crimea, so, overall it was interesting and beautiful time when I was born! It was a given to name me like that. My name sometimes left a fabulous imprint on some of my roles in children's theatrical productions, and this has accompanied me throughout my life. Even now, for a few years already, I play the Snow Maiden ( in Russia she is Santa's/ Father Frost granddaughter), I play Santa's granddaughter on children's New Year's matinees/ events, and also, I go to children's homes with Santa Claus to wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year personally. I am happy to see smiles on children's faces!

- Do you have a hobby?

- Yes, of course, I have a lot of interests, I adore everything beautiful! Therefore, I attend various art exhibitions and other events. I love traveling, informative films, doing yoga, dancing, Zumba, and acting.

I took part in the filming of the American movie called "The Russian Bride" , which begins with my monologue, and has become highly recommended .

American actor Corbin Bernsen is also in this movie. This film will soon be released and in May there will be a presentation in Hollywood, to which I invite you in advance.

- Tell us about the motto of life please?

- My life motto is “Always have a goal and achieve it.”

Also, not to shuffle and not to lose heart in a difficult situation and to treat people the way I would like to be treated.

- Your plans for life relate to the movie business?

- My dream is to play in more movies with world's famous directors, leaving a kind and bright mark for the ages.

- Do you believe in female friendship?

- I believe, of course, but I don't have close girlfriends.

- What would you like to wish to the participants of our competition?

- I would like to wish all the girls of this wonderful contest to try and put a lot of effort and imagination in order to surprise our guests of the Miss Russian San Diego 2019 and to make it an interesting and memorable show. I hope that our event will be the best in the history of our city!

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