N9 Julia Cramp: "Important to remember that we are girls!"

Julia is originally from Omsk and is a native Siberian. Half Russian - half German, she is a natural blonde with blue eyes, athlete and activist!

The athlete in the truest sense of the word, Julia is a coach of the YMCA gym, passionate about dancing, speaks 3 languages fluently: Russian, German, and English.

Julia was 11 years old when her family moved from Siberia to Germany, doing so because her mother was of German ethnicity.

- When we moved to Germany, we thought that we would live there as Germans, but we were always treated as Russian immigrants, - Julia says.

- Where is your family now?

-All in Germany.“Last year, my Mom passed away, but my family is still there.”-Did you start dancing in Germany?“

Already in Russia I was introduced to dancing, moreover, I was very fascinated by dancing when I was just a little girl.

Julia danced "Rock-n-Roll" for the last 5 years before moving to the US and participated in various professional dance competitions. Now, Julia is passionate about Latin dance styles, such as "Salsa", "Bachata" and others.-It looks like you are seriously in love with the dance.

- I love to dance! - Julia says enthusiastically, - I ‘m planning to prepare an interesting performance for the talent show Miss Russian San Diego 2019, therefore stay tuned!

- Well, we cannot wait to see it!

- I would also like to add, besides the love for dance - I love my work. Sport is my absolute favorite thing to do, in addition, I studied nutrition in New York. I always try to implement my newly gained knowledge into my life as well as to help others to make healthy food choices.

- Why did you decide to participate in the beauty pageant?

- I think it is very important to remember that we are girls. We are gentle, beautiful, and feminine. Sometimes our lives change us women, and we forget who we are, but it's so great to be a female! It's an amazing feeling to be a girl, a woman, despite the rhythm and lifestyle. I decided I needed to take part in Miss Russian San Diego to become more feminine, self-confident, and to have new experiences that will transcend my life.

- How did you end up in San Diego?

- I fell in love with this city at first sight; so sunny, positive, and kind. After living in New York, San Diego became a strong contrast and successfully subdued me. As soon as we left San Diego, we returned with my husband and I, back to stay here forever, build a house, plant trees, and create our own sunny family. It feels so right here, in a heavenly city, on the shores of the expansive Pacific Ocean, with palm trees, cacti, and sandy beaches!”

- Julia, do you believe in women's friendship?

- Of course, I do, I truly believe in women's friendship and I have trustworthy friends! I am open to new acquaintances. I hope to make new friends in our team of participants of Miss Russian San Diego 2019. Today, I am friends with Lena Nekrasova, one of the most beautiful contestants of the last pageant. She is not only a distinguished person but also a great friend who can help and support in any situation. It was her who recommended me to participate in the pageant, telling me how fascinating and unforgettable her experience was.

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