Tatiana Kazimirskaya -Tint "Floristics is the art of contemplation..."

Tatiana Kazimirskaya -Tint, the Florist Designer from Chicago called the editor of Gorozhanka with a proposal to decorate the Miss Russian San Diego 2019 gala event. It was very nice of her, but the first question of course was how did Tatiana intend to decorate an event in San Diego while being in Chicago? Famous designer-florist answered confidently:

- I will come to you earlier with a complete corset and will create a dress from live flowers for the Beauty Queen and bouquets for winners, organizers and jury while I am in your city! The next day I want to make a video of the walking on water Winner of Miss Russian San Diego 2019 for my video clip!

Now here is a little bit about Tatiana. Although a little frail, she has an enormous personality with a great past and experience.

- My personal show of models in dresses made of live flowers took place before a mono-performance of the fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev on April 27th, 2018.

- It must have been a blast!?

- Yes, it looked impressive! I presented two dresses in Victorian style for adult models and one for a seven-year-old girl.

Second personal show The Flowers Show by Tatiana Tint took place on December 1, 2018 in Miami. There were three dresses in Victorian style, two retro dresses, two men's compositions, a floral umbrella, two hats, a headpiece, two wedding bouquets, three floral compositions and a Miss Bat Mitzvah with a floral Torah.

- Unbelievable! This is such meticulous work. How long are you doing it?

- I've been doing floristics as long as I can remember myself, it's my grandfather's merit. Floristics is the art of contemplation; In both fashion and in floristics the path changes every year.

- Is there a fashion for flowers? Trends? Can you tell us a little about trends in the floral fashion?

- Here is an example: this year of the dominant colors 2019 and the main color trends of the season are: Crocus Petal, Tofu, Martini Olive, Black. Red pear

- Dark juicy tint with transition to brown. Combines best with milky shades, ivory shades. But without the slightest hint of a gamut of yellow shades.

Valiant Poppy - Saturated color. In this case it is better to combine it with white, not allowing impurity of other shades.

Nebulas Blue /Foggy-Blue - Juicy shade of the blue spectrum. It is better to combine such a complex shade with bright-white color.

Quiet Gray - The most concise and elegant shade.

Attention: This is a trendy shade of gray, which took the top of the wedding hit parade of coloristic receptions of the 2019. Another very important detail of the design: includes several gray shades, so it won’t be lost in the abundance of white, and also, the light insertions of silver are allowed.

Quetzal Green – aquamarine note. It is recommended to transfer from blue to green with a slight hint of the style of "Ambre" and with the combination of "green Quetzal" with the fancy "Tofu".

- Are there any specifically important rules of choosing a bouquet, especially a wedding bouquet?

- Perhaps not everyone knows that each month of the year corresponds to the certain flower, so it will be ideal if the wedding bouquet can include a flower, which corresponds to the month of your birth. If you were born in:

January – the bouquet with Carnation,

February - Iris,

March - Narcissus,

April - Chamomile,

May - Lily,

June - Rose,

July - Delphinium,

August - Gladiolus,

September - Astra,

October - Marigold,

November – Seed Boxes,

And December need to add Poinsettia to the bouquet.

Lately fashionista-brides prefer large sloppy bouquets, so if someone wants to emphasize her uniqueness and refinement of taste, it is worth ordering a bouquet that contains of one big flower, the precise neatness and the daring modesty will accentuate your Individuality!

Weddings and large-scale events in ECO style are gaining a huge popularity and, it looks like this trend will stay for a long time.

- Can you please talk about floral etiquette? This is an important topic for me personally, since I teach etiquette.

- Certainly, floral etiquette exists, as well as table etiquette, wedding etiquette - everyone who is planning serious events, holidays must be familiar with it!

Personally, I am a supporter of the fact that flower etiquette should be taught to children from an early age. I will give an example of my son, who can eat using a knife and a fork from two years. In my school I focused on the rules of etiquette with most importance of the program. There is also a procedure. Who knows, maybe in the near future you will communicate with individuals of high rank by birth or by position, and there are the strictest rules. Gold, crystal, rhinestones, all kinds of sequins, lurex, fringe – considered to be mauvais ton. For example, for Palace or government receptions there are special rules of floristics. Unfortunately, not all florists-designers know these rules or know little of them and in this case there is a threat to the prestige of the country.

- Tell us about your offer, the range of services of your company.

- The range of services is the following:

* Floral arrangements for: weddings, various events, baby showers, anniversaries, etc…* Floral arrangements and bouquets

* Master Classes, Seminars (online, and in-person).

* Personal Charity Shows, as an example it is my personal patronage over the Holocaust Museum in Chicago /Floral arrangements/

* Ritual Floristics

- Do you really work with other cities in America? How can you make California residents feel interested, particularly people in San Diego?

- This is a good question, but for starters I want to warn our respected readers - if you make an order in San Diego, and delivery of your bouquet should be in Chicago, it is better to do it by phone, directly calling to Chicago. Our company is mobile, we will make unique wedding decor and other floral arrangements for holidays, we will go to our clients in any cities of America. As a bonus to my customers, I can provide a free telephonic consultation. For example, I can advise how to cure home and garden plants. I can even consult about everything that concerns garden-park architecture.

- Who is your audience?

- The audience is very different, we take orders and make deliveries 24/7, and pay special attention, discounts and bonuses for veterans of the WWII and victims of the Holocaust.

On April 27 at the Beauty Pageant Miss Russian San Diego 2019 I will amaze the winners with exclusive floral compositions in the trend of the 2019, in which an unusual form - a skeleton will be used, as well as color and a new selection of flowers, which are not yet available for sale. The winner will come out in a dress of live flowers, but the main intrigue is that it would be in the style of the 17th century. This project will give me the opportunity to show flowers in the form of extraordinary dress, as well as to gather all the creative people and give a start to a new event, which does not yet exist in America. Beautiful girl in the flower dress is peak, height of the Olympus in the flower profession, a kind of canvas of the artist, painted not with paints, but flowers.

- What do you wish for all women?

- Wishes to every woman for every day – inspired by flowers good morning, as much as possible positive aesthetic emotions, enjoyment of beauty in all its manifestations. Also to all of us: events in life, making us happy, bright holidays and love!

Thank you "Gorozhanka" for the opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and talents with your readers!

"I want to say that I always feel very apprehensive about the flowers, their combination and color scheme. Floral etiquette is a very interesting topic for women's magazine.

And I really hope that Tatiana will tell us more about how to choose the right flowers, what flowers are suitable for us personally and, of course, what flowers to give at special celebrations. This will come in the next interview! I wish all of you are happy and exquisite, and sometimes very simple and fragrant flowers, and not only for the holidays!" /Yana Sanakina/

Tatiana Kazimirskaya-Tint

Tel.: 312-305-0437

E-Mail: info@flowersartantiques.com

Professional Summary Detail - oriented, business professional with 28 years of floral and architect-landscaping design experience.

Professional Experience Floral Design for private individuals, and small business Dec. 1998 – presentSelf-employed.

Location: Chicago, USA

* Floral arrangement for private parties

* Floral and interior design arrangements for private houses

* Floral arrangements for: weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, funerals

* Floral arrangements for front desks at apartment and office buildings, conference rooms, doctor’s offices

* Architect-landscaping for private and commercial gardens, front yards and back yards

* Floral design and landscaping for patios, sun-decks and balconies Best European Florist-Designers Mar.

1998 Designed floral arrangements in Vienna's Musikverein (one of 10 World Top Concert Halls) for Johann Strauss II anniversary. RukkeLilled Inc.

Sep. 1991 – Sep.

1998 Owner.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Floral arrangement for private parties

Floral and interior design arrangements for private houses

Floral arrangements for: weddings, anniversaries, funerals

Architect-landscaping for private gardens, front yards and back yards

Floral design and landscaping for patios, sun-decks and balconies

Floral Store

Aug. 1994 – Sep. 1998 Owner. Location: Tallinn, Estonia RukkieLillet Private Florist School

Sep. 1995 – Sep. 1998 A 140 student private school of floral and architect-landscaping design

Owner and Teacher Vladivostok Landscape Ordinance

Apr.1986 – Aug. 1990 A 200 employee’s federal organization

Engineer – designer of city parks and recreation areas Architect and landscaping design for city parks

Architect and landscaping design for schools, kindergartens Education:

* Art Institute (Zurich, Switzerland) Nov.

1995 – Sep.1998. Master’s Degree in Floral and Landscaping Design

* Far Eastern State Technical University (Vladivostok, Russia) Sep.

1979 – May 1984. Master’s Degree in Floral Design At Far Eastern State Technical University Studied Ikebana and Banzai with Japanese Florist and Designer Teshigaha.

Charity:May 1996 – Sep. 1996 Took part in reconstruction of Baron Von Wrangell’s family Manor in Essu Township, Estonia

Sep. 1995 – Sep. 1998 Floral Design teacher in boot camp school for juvenile criminals. (Dry flower compositions made by the students were sent to the Auction held by George Soros Foundation in Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Finland; all the funds from the auction were spent for children’s needs))Sep.

1995 – Sep. 1998 Decorations for Orthodox Church Apr. 1992 – Sep. 1992 Took part in reconstruction of Tallinn Botanical Garden, destroyed during the political coup. Personal Achievements: European Florist Contest 1997.

Helsinki, Finland. Won (winning) place among 360 participants Zurich Florist Contest 1996. Zurich, Switzerland. Took 5th place among 160 participants

Estonian Federal Florist Contest 1994. Tallinn, Estonia. Took 27th among 80 participants

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