Dzmitry Balashevich: "I’m organizing «turn-key» events"

- I was born in the beautiful blue-eyed Belarus. I grew up a healthy and chubby boy, graduating from school with mathematical specialization, then Belarusian State University, Faculty of Philosophy of Social Sciences. I became a certified information and communication specialist. I combined studies with work in one of the most successful advertising agencies in the country, and everything went its course until one day accidentally I won a green card.

Dzmitry moved to America, and fell in love with Los Angeles, decided he wanted to live here. Dzmitry grew up with a microphone in hands since school and continued to do it while at the university. Concerts, amateur’s variety shows, party in clubs, but it was all charity. His debut show business started when the presenter did not show up to the youth football Championship, sponsored by Coca-Cola, a client of the agency, Dzmitry worked for.

“I had to replace him and perform not only as a presenter, but also a football game commentator (I do not understand anything about football). It turned out pretty good and everyone noticed it!”

From that moment on show business started to earn Dima a living. “Then there was a wedding of my friends, which I also successfully MC-ed.

And I MC-ed everything -weddings, birthdays, corporate parties...”-After moving to the US, I held a year-long pause – I wanted to find myself. Soon I met friends who showed me how huge the Russian-speaking community in Los Angeles was and recommended me to try my hand at organizing and holding events, which brought me back to my professional track.

- Perhaps you don’t have time for a hobby with such a job?

- I have enough time for everything, I love to ride my bike near the ocean, also try not to miss classes in the gym and learn to play the guitar. I like to read books; my favorite author is Erich Maria Remarque! I read all his books in Russian, now reread them in the English language.

- What does mama mean to you?

- Since the early childhood, she is a friend with whom I always share the innermost. Mum for me is sacred, if it would be necessary to choose parents every year, I will select them continuously, - Dzmitry laughs, - My parents are simple and good, the real people!

- You’ll be our MC at “Miss Russian San Diego 2019”, please tell us about your profession.

- I organize "turn-key" events, I can develop the concept of any party, wedding, find vendors, do timing and would also MC all this! My favorite events are weddings! It is a memorable and important day in the life of every person, and emotions are usually over the edge!

- Can you share the funny situations from your professional life?

- Yes, I will never forget how one day I got to a Georgian-Portuguese wedding. Honestly, I thought there would be conflicts of hot bloods! It was so much fun, that I had to cancel all the games because the guests of the festive event just danced and pronounced toast right on the dance floor from the beginning to the end!

- What would you like to wish to our contestants?

- I wish the girls to remain themselves. All of them- are the best, unique, and incredible! Dear contestants of Miss Russian San Diego 2019, wonderful representatives of the Russian-Speaking community, remember that you will always have people around you, for whom you are the best! Enjoy the event and we’ll meet soon!


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