Fashion Designer Lena Trotsko: "Exciting Winter Clothing Trends 2020"

With the onset of cold weather, you want to dress warmer. If you are no longer walking with bare feet, and a down jacket replaced your summery coat or a woolen shirt, it's a time to read this article. Find out about the cozy things most loved by designers this season. Beautiful knit dresses in sand color prevails, along with quiet colors.

In addition to a knitted dress, there is a little black dress, and no one has repealed it yet! The other stylish winter dresses are - a silhouette on one shoulder, with an elegant cut on the back or the ones with the shiny inserts. The preferred colors are light and pastel. For classy ladies, there is a tight floor-length dress with a metallic tincture or possibly with additional split-to-the-thigh detail.

Here comes the favorite part of your wardrobe - the skirts!

Plisse is still in fashion, a universal trend for any style, from sports to classics. Fluffy skirts made of flowing light weighted fabrics will add femininity to your image.

An abundance of one-piece coveralls in stores shows us that this type of clothing is still in trend. It is better to choose silk with cropped trousers. Also, in style is loose cut velveteen with tapered leg or, conversely, very wide trouser legs.

Such an insignificant element of clothing as a top takes its place in fashion, but with a bit of an interpretation! Flowing satin on thin straps or with lurex, make your own choice. Blouses and shirts have become even freer, so they are not constraining your movements. Then another fashion tip is decorative element in the form of a bow or curly finish of the neckline highlighting your wardrobe.

What to choose for the New Year of 2020, which, according to the Eastern calendar, which will be the Year of the Metal Rat. Even if you do not put special meaning into all this symbolism when choosing the perfect dress for the New Year, astrological advice will not be superfluous. For the celebration, it is not recommended to wear clothes of red or bright green colors. It is advised to look at the clothes in delicate white or beige colors, as well as the ones with gray and silver shades. This advice is especially worth taking note of for those of you who are Virgo, Aries, and Aquarius.

Astrologers recommend Leo and Cancer to celebrate the New Year in dresses with metal effect or with sequins. For Lions – changeless gold, and Cancers - more of a calm silver. Gemini should choose the outfit in yellow, but not in bright. The shade of lemon cream would work perfectly. The same rule applies to Sagittarius. For representatives of this sign, for this magical night, it is better to replace violet with soft purple.

A light gray dress will bring luck to Capricorn, and a blue outfit to Pisces. Intense and deep colors in the New Year are recommended to wear to Libra, Taurus, and Scorpions only. For Libra, this is royal blue, for Taurus - classic black, and for Scorpions, it is not typical for celebration, but at the same time a very fashionable chocolate color. Given astrological recommendations and the main trends of the winter season, the most beautiful dress for the New Year will be much easier to choose, and if this has become difficult for you, you can always write to me via social media messengers and discuss it!

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