Our guest of Gorozhanka magazine famous Rapper Den Mataev!

I would like to introduce you dear readers of Gorozhanka magazine Den Mataev, he shares his musical background story.

- Where were you born and where did you grow up?

- I was born in Israel then when I was 2 years old my family moved to Moscow. My dad had some very interesting opportunities there.

- Why did you move to the USA?

- My dream is to be the best in the world. I have more opportunities to do my music the way I want here. I do what my soul tells me to do. Moved to America with my wife and only $5,500.00 in my wallet. Now we have one beautiful child and a lot of opportunities.

- How did you start to write the songs?

- When I was 15 I first heard Gasolina, I studied the melody thoroughly and the next day I woke up and turned on the keyboard. I started playing my own tunes even better. Then right after, started writing lyrics or at least no more than a month after that.

- How did your parents relate to your music passion?

- My mom was always on my side, it took a while for dad to warm up to my music. He had an old view about sinful seductive and evil music. He felt it was an unfaithful type medium. Now he is a great fan as well!

- What do you expect from music world in USA?

- Always, I am developing something new following old classic music. Just modern classics ie. Celine Deon, not Mozart or Beethoven type classics. Music can be whatever, but it must be from either classic or good commercial music roots.

- What are your plans in general and in music?

- Doing my best to write my own music without any limits, always doing the best I can do. Now working on next year’s schedule, but not scheduled yet. I am doing 3 shows right now through the Holidays. It was exciting working with the Mrs. Russian California Show as well and I look forward to the future events as well.

One of the most famous musician on the New Year's show in Los Angeles!

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