Marketing Director of Gorozhanka Magazine Natalia Yangirova "Happy New Year, dear readers!&quot

This is a letter from Mrs Eastern Europe America 2020 Natalia Yangirova!

Natasha is not only a beautiful lady inside and out, a loving mother and wife, she is Marketing Director of National Wide Women's Magazine for Russian-speaking women.

Are you interested in professional advertising promotion and image advertising company?

Then this letter is for you:

"Happy New Year, dear readers and supporters of Gorozhanka,

City Girl Magazine and website. We hope all your holiday dreams come true!

At the end of the year, it is customary to take stock of the past and make plans for the future. In 2019, we did a great job with our regular customers and achieved unbelievable results!

In the new year, we are pleased to offer you new opportunities for developing your business, which can always use, image branding and professional promotion in social networks.

What do we offer you?

* An advertising article in Gorozhanka, will help you sell the goods and services that you offer.

* An advertising interview will introduce you personally, thereby building a friendly “bridge” between you and your consumers.

* Special thematic sections of our publication are in special demand, become one of the participants in your own projects on the pages of our magazine and in our website.

Believe me, your regular communication and stable friendship with our readers will surely make your company recognizable regardless of goals and objectives.

* Placement of an advertising layout is an excellent information resource that emphasizes the individuality and recognition of the advertised product.

* A distinctive feature of our publication is that in addition to the printed version of Gorozhanka, beloved by women, we offer the placement of your materials online on the website of the same name As well as advertising in various Russian-language and American resources plus interactive promotion in social networks.

* Organization of events is one of our offers! The events that we conduct are of a high level and quality!

* Collaboration with NTV America TV Channel, is another opportunity to declare yourself and your offer in your state, in America or even around the world!

At the end of my holiday letter, I want to once again wish you the achievement of all your goals and recall my contact information:

Mrs Russian Eastern Europe America 2020 Natalia Yangirova!

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