Revolution with MONAT - beauty products for skin and hair care!

What is Monat is modern nature at its best! We take ingredients provided by Mother Nature and with help of latest technologies create unique products for hair and skin.

Our company was founded by immigrants from Venezuela, The Urdaneta family.

Therefore, first and foremost we are a family business that is centered on quality and traditions. We are currently sold and represented in 5 countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Poland.

All our products passed European standards without changing any ingredients.

We are also the only hair brand that is recommended by the National Hair Loss Association.

We help many people going through chemotherapy and hormonal diseases.

- What's our secret?

- We use ingredients like Capixel, Crodasorb, Proctaline and natural oils. These are natural ingredients that can be found in plants like red clover, peas, lemongrass, carrot and tomato seeds. We are healing your hair starting from your scalp and not trying to just camouflage the damage. Purchase any of our products by categories with the link below!

You can buy our product here:

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