A Letter from the publisher of Gorozhanka magazine.

Gorozhanka (means City Girl) magazine and is the only Russian American women's magazine, whose headquarters started in 2008 in beautiful San Francisco. The original concept of the magazine was somewhat different: Gorozhanka was conceived as a fashionable, glossy, secular magazine. But very soon it became clear that our compatriots needed not the gloss in their usual understanding, but something else - the kind and wise advice of a friend, useful, sometimes vital information. This magazine was supposed to help our compatriots adapt in a new country and a new cultural environment, find themselves, take place and gain like-minded people.

Over the past 11 years, Gorozhanka magazine featured stories about many women whose fate could become the subjects of book novels. Among our heroines were singers, artists, musicians, businesswomen and representatives of many other professions. But what can a women's magazine can be without men - tough, strong-willed, purposeful, able to inspire, conquer and surprise. It was precisely such representatives of the strong half who became the heroes of our men's headings. We are pleased to continue to introduce you to these amazing people who were able to make themselves known on this continent.

So, from the glossy magazine “Gorozhanka” it quickly turned into a cultural and informational project. I am very proud that today my magazine is known to the whole Russian-speaking community of America, and these are thousands of our readers and dozens of authors! Despite the fact that the magazine has a female face and female character, in its creative piggy bank there are really serious and important projects, the implementation of which required a certain share of ambition and a lot of effort.

One of them is charity concerts organized by the editorial board of Gorozhanka, with the participation of leading musicians from the San Francisco Opera House. Thanks to this action, we managed to raise about $ 12,000 and transfer these funds to the Japanese Embassy for families affected by the tsunami. Another extraordinary endeavor that we conducted was a visit to 8 states of America. I personally participated in it together with my friends - co-owners of a private aircraft manufacturing plant. Together we flew around several cities, and in each making a presentation of the magazine. It was an unforgettable event in terms of impressions and emotional intensity. Thanks to this unusual undertaking, I met many representatives of the Russian media in America. Staying in New York for just one day, I gave an interview to RTVi. Of course, during this creative tour, I found interesting new characters for future issues of Gorozhanka. I would especially like to note the friendly contribution of the wife of the Ambassador of Russia to the United States, Natalia Mikhailovna Kislyak, who helped me organize the presentation of Gorozhanka in Washington, DC. I am grateful for her support and kind words, she personally opened the event and introduced me to guests, among whom were respected representatives of culture and business, wives of diplomats, employees of the Embassy and the Russian Cultural Center. Then, many concerts, fashion shows, and women's clubs all over California were organized. One day they called me from Voice of America and offered to make a film about me and my magazine.

At first, I felt confused, believing that my humble person had done nothing so outstanding to broadcast to the audience of many thousands who watch the popular channel. However, program producer Lera Gelman insisted, and the film was shot. https://www.gorozhanka.com/single-post/2017/12/25/Voice-of-America-about-Production-of-Russian-Women%E2%80%99s-magazine-in-US English: https://www.gorozhanka.com/single-post/2017/03/05/Voice-of-America-filmed-a-documentary-about-my-magazine I also support various children's festivals, concerts, held a Miss Russian San Diego contest, and Mrs. Russian California, Miss and Mrs Eastern Europe gala event as well.

The Mrs. Russian California 2020 award ceremony took place on a professional theater stage! Each participant of this project performed on the same platform with famous artists! I want to help our girls be more confident and bolder, be proud of their roots and build a new life. We also produced fashion shows from Russian Designers, a classical concert program and a beauty and style contest in the prestigious Orange County Theater. If you do not know, I consider Gorozhanka my third, youngest, daughter.

Sometimes you must work without days off and normal sleep, so that you accomplish what you intended to do. However, the result is worth it, so I'm happy.

My Gorozhanka as a magnet attracts good and interesting people to me and pleasant events that give me so much positive and energy to realize even the most seemingly crazy ideas. My beloved magazine “Gorozhanka” turned 11 years old in September 2019, with the help of friends a wonderful evening was organized, for which I am very grateful. Stay with us!

With love in my heart, Yana Sanakina Publisher, editor-in-chief of the Russian American women's magazine Gorozhanka

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