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Artist Irina Madan

Irina Madan’s creations represent timeless and seasonless wearable art. Each attire is individually hand-painted with special waterproof colors on a white cotton canvas.

As all the creations are painted and sewn from scratch, they require an enormous amount of work and inspiration. Irina’s vision of painting is different; she sees a painting as a piece of art that can be worn.

Irina Madan’s artwork is influenced by her inner world, nature, dreams, music, books, and it also pays homage to her Romanian roots.

The Amaranth Collection is inspired by The Encyclopedia of Colors, the brightly colored garden roses, and the colorful old doors from Irina’s hometown. The word Amaranth itself represents a plant and a color shade — the symbol of immortality — «one that does not fade.» Driven by a passion for color and beauty, Irina Madan consistently tries to add more color to her creations by emphasizing the beautiful aspects of things. Her main goal as an artist is to be authentic.

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