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About gorozhanka.com

Gorozhanka is a Russian-American women’s magazine founded in 2008 in San Francisco.

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Gorozhanka magazine

The original concept of the magazine was somewhat different: “Gorozhanka” was conceived as a fashionable, glossy, secular magazine. But very soon it became clear that our compatriots do not need gloss in its usual sense, but something else – the kind and wise advice of a friend, useful, sometimes vital information.

This magazine was supposed to help our fellow countrywomen adapt in a new country and a new cultural environment, find themselves, take place and find like-minded people.
Over the years, “Citizen” has told about many women, whose fates could become the subjects of book novels. Among our heroines were singers, artists, musicians, businesswomen and representatives of many other professions.

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Gorozhanka magazine

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