Crystal Privett

I hold the keys to your better life!


Mrs. Fashionista USA 2021 Crystal Privett is successful and very beautiful business lady, loving mom and the FACE of the festive Gorozhanka magazine (City Girl).

Tell me a little about yourself?

Like many of us, I am a small-town girl, with big city dreams. Much more than another pretty face, in fact I hope to use my alluring charm to bring awareness to the mental health stigma’s that are holding many societies back. It’s often challenging to get through life’s circumstances, little do we know we are picking up negative beliefs along the way working like a virus in our mental databank. These subconscious beliefs can become hidden and stuck within us causing a variety of negative manifestations.

Please believe me when I say, it took me many obstacles to realize that my struggles were bringing out a beautiful opportunity for healing and integration. We inadvertently go through life trying to be optimistic but trying is lying and we all deserve better. Did you know that when we wake up each day 80% of our thoughts naturally default to negative and 90% of our thoughts are a remainder from the previous day?

Helping people break free from this cycle is my passion, so others can live their best life.

Something most people don’t realize is what a huge self-proclaimed nerd I happen to be. I absolutely love to geek out on science, cellular biology, epigenetics, natural healing, and ancient civilizations.

I hold the keys to your better life!

I also enjoy time outdoors gardening with my two puppies and boys in the mountains of San Diego.

How did you become a mindset & health coach? I know you used to be a store manager, but can you please tell me more?

Yes, before I became a coach and founded my company Mindset Service, I did acquire many skills along my journey. I was the youngest retail manager in over five hundred stores for Chico’s. With a wonderful crew of women working with me… we exceeded many goals. I was able to share my talents for marketing, leadership, sales, and visual merchandising. These leadership skills carried into my next role as a mother and homemaker for my two boys and working with real estate properties with their father in our spare time. At the time I was doing my best to make everyone happy, and assumed if I kept sacrificing my happiness, that somehow my loyalty would earn the love I was looking for.

This caused my body, mind, and spirit to become very much out of alignment and my subconscious mind tried to get my attention through a multitude of health issues. Some of which conventional medicine said I had no options, but through the power of detoxification and high vibrational organic produce a newfound sense of peace was able to manifest.

I had been healing myself with nutrition and the results were remarkable. Most of my issues were able to be reversed and my organs and cells began to heal and react differently. Even my holistic doctor, Heather Sandison, knew something more powerful was at play. Heather told me that she believed my health issues were due to my spirit and I had not even considered my mind to be the part of me that needed the most attention. The first day I learned about balancing the hemispheres of the brain and removing traumas was the last day of my old life.

I knew that my destiny had been within me the entire time and became aware that my previous abundance of pain now had a purpose. The deep sense of compassion I carry with me daily serves me to honor others in their growth process with an even deeper sense of empathy. I live by a motto of no judgement, only love — for ourselves and others.

Where did you take classes and who taught you? How long did that take you?

I studied under the prestigious Jenny Harkleroad in Escondido, CA; where I learned her life’s work and was certified in her Level 1, 2 camp; 3 Summit Transformation processes. In addition, I became her first student to be certified to teach her process as a Summit Transformation Trainer. To be honest, Jenny could not teach me fast enough. I was like a sponge to her every word and invested my entire savings to dedicate my future to helping people out of all the situations that had haunted me in my lifetime. If so, could be a beacon of light too many people that were struggling more than they knew, it had to be so.

I spent several years completing my trainings, on top of the decade I had been personally invested. I have 6 certifications that I currently utilize; 4 from Jenny, 1 for my health coaching, and a Global Leadership Association course I completed with Professor Eddy Goold as a continuation of my Mrs. Fashionista 2021 title – a pageant hosted by the incredible Yana Sanakina.

I was also trained briefly in another form of subconscious reprogramming; however, I don’t utilize that form — it’s like knowing another language, but you just don’t speak it. I much prefer Summit Transformation and the science-based approach to changing your brain with your mind.

In the last few years coaching has become kind of fashionable. There are lots of speakers that call themselves, coaches, motivational speakers, personal growth specialists, and so on! What advice would you give to someone considering looking for some guidance in this industry?

In my opinion coaching has gained notoriety amongst consumers, as they wish to feel more supported in their journey towards greatness. I am sure we can all agree that consumers have the right to choose what fits their needs the best.

I hold the keys to your better life!

I make it a practice to focus on what does work, and I can only speak for myself, but you need to find what resonates with you.

My clients feel a change before and after each goal we work on as we are balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, they can feel it firsthand. I perform muscle tests on my clients, which detects their lack of energy before we begin as well as the presence of the newly engaged energy after we finish our balance.

I give all the credit to my clients.

I just facilitate to process on their behalf.

I hold the keys to your better life!

The client is using their own words to create the new goals, feelings, or beliefs that are specific to their needs.

They are doing the work as they build new neurological pathways to support their greatest life.

For example, if you have always been told that you will never amount to anything, you may not actually have a place in your brain to believe the opposite. This is where I come in. I help my clients build new neurological pathways in their brain to change the perception of their past events. It’s so cool!

I believe intention is also very important. The goal of my programs and services are to teach people how to unlock their limitless potential energy on their own, in a more authentic and sustainable way. I want them to be able to help themselves and others the way I was able to help myself. Perhaps a good way to describe it is a tool or exercises you can use anytime you are struggling with a thought, situation, or emotion. Even the most successful people cultivate their mindset.

In your biography, you had a period when you took the opportunity to be a part of the “Miss Teen Colorado” pageant, where you took second place. Why did you want to assert yourself in the status of beauty? Did this title somehow help you later in life?

A young farm girl with only brothers, the last thing anyone expected was for me express an interest in pageantry. We were a lower-middle class family, so we didn’t have a ton of resources for things like that, nor did anyone else share my passion. My mom, family & community tried to support me to the best of their ability. I decided to go to businesses and people in my small town and crowd fund a coach to teach me about the world of pageants — because my femininity was completely foreign to me, yet so alluring. I would have won if I had just a slight bit more confident in myself. Earlier this year I was invited to what I thought was a networking event, which in turn ended up being a casting call for Miss Fashionista 2021.


The little girl inside of me knew that my newly empowered mindset would allow me to win a title; and I did, as Mrs. Fashionista 2021. As a result of this title, I was asked to represent my ethnicity as Mrs. United Kingdom in the upcoming Mrs. European Global pageant in Redondo Beach. I decided to give it one more shot as a gift to myself to fulfill my dream; the pageant is the day after my 40th birthday in November. It is important to stay true to your heart and dreams to live a sincerely satisfying and purposeful life.

One time you said, if you could have lunch with someone famous, you would choose Elon Musk. What exactly impressed you with the personality of this person?

My appreciation for his initiative and ability to stay committed to his dreams despite rejections throughout his career. It’s inspiring how he is working to balance carbon emissions and inspire innovation through his philanthropic challenges for positive change.

I respect the dedication and sacrifices he has made to get to top, as many leaders can relate. Where others may see the fame of a billionaire, I see the dedication of a humanitarian loyal to himself allowing for his tremendous success.

In your program you are using the concept of bio-individuality. What does it mean?

I often speak to bio-individuality, and it refers to how we all have unique biological needs. It is very important for my clients to use their own words when doing my work, because different words can mean different things to different people. One person may find tomatoes nourishing, while another may not care for them. Bio-individuality is about embracing the needs and nourishment that are specific to you.


I respect that one client may come to me for calmness, peace, and clarity, while another chooses to embrace abounding confidence, energy, and financial success. It’s very valuable to allow them to decide what programs they choose to upgrade each session. An exercise I often use with new clients is to write down the feelings that they do not like about themselves, then we create the opposite by reverse engineering it to create a positive and meaningful goal statement.

This exercise can help you identify some of your unique bio-individual needs and then allow that belief to thrive.

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What is the difference between a coach session and a psychologist session respectively?

Ok, so here is one area that I may ruffle some tail feathers, but I have to stick to the science. My work with removing trauma, limiting beliefs and stress triggers works much differently than traditional talk therapists. When you are talking through situations that trigger you, it can often leave you surrounded in that same emotional or cellular response because the subconscious mind does not use the construct of time to operate. For example, when a solider is suffering from PTSD and begins to speak about the events it actually takes much shorter than you would imagine for this change to happen. It’s a matter of only seconds. “Within 17 seconds our body begins to have a chemical response to our thoughts, and within 68 seconds we begin to have a cellular response to those thoughts,” says neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffery Fannin.

What kind of inquiries are you usually addressed by you?

Anyone with an open and curious mind is a potential client because none of us makes it through life without struggles.

Integrating back to a new normal after the pandemic has been a challenge for some people because of the fear programs caused by the media. The majority of my clients are just normal people doing their best to live their best life under the pressures of professional careers and balancing their home lives. Quite often the blocks we are removing we don’t even realize they were there until we address it. This is because 95% of our programming happened between the ages 0-7 years old. Men, women, children, celebrities, couples, and companies all benefit in tremendous ways.


Picture cleaning out your junk drawer and how much easier it is to maneuver when it is clean. It’s similar in the way that you have a newfound sense of peace and clarity. Physical pain can also manifest from blocked, trapped subconscious emotions, as explained by Dr. Micheal J. Lincoln in his book, Messages from The Body. Health, financial abundance, love, a sense of comfort, and wellbeing; only a few of my favorites and back to the bio-individuality of what suits you best. I get to hand clients the keys to their best life, and I love to see the results. One woman very recently attained her dream job after just one session and called the next week from Budapest while living her best life!

Honestly, is coaching a good fit for everyone as a problem-solving tool?

It can be depending on your mindset. If you are not open to change or curious to the possibility of new perspectives, then no, I would save your money. You can benefit and you cannot — both can be true, based on your thought process. However, if you knew that there was something magnificent within you that is a powerhouse for energy and prosperity, then it might be worth trying out.

I hold the keys to your better life!

Did you know you are operating your mental programs out of your subconscious mind 95% of the time? You don’t need to have trauma to partake in my work, incredibly successful corporate and high-level leaders need support to stay at the top of their prospective industries. It’s all dependent on your mindset, and if you are willing to invest in your own success.

Can it be a onetime session, or should it be a series of sessions? Tell me more about your courses and how it works.

This takes us back to bio-individuality again because I understand that different people need different support. Clients have tripled their income in one session, as well as many phenomenal results from just one session. I was able to help a dear friend of mine and single mother, Sabrina Covington, sell 3 properties that no one would even walk in; and her back was up against the wall with these sales. We said, “what could it hurt to try,” and to our exhilaration, it worked! In my best-selling book Magdalene Rising, I wrote about a gentleman in the ICU at the VA hospital with blood poisoning; and after a remote session the doctors re-ran his tests and all his white blood cells “miraculously” balanced out to normal. Yes, we can get deeper with each session, however, you can also receive extraordinary results in just one session. All this power and potential is already within you, let’s unleash it!

I hold the keys to your better life!

What kind of methods are usually used during a coaching session?

Summit Transformation helps people convert limiting beliefs into new positive beliefs and set positive action plans for their success. Synchronization of your brain’s left and right hemispheres in the theta brain wave state allows cognition, communication, and the reprogramming of your choice of goals during a session. Allowing your mind to relax into this nourishing state creates a deep sense of peace as we are directed each step of the way through muscle testing. Muscle testing is a way to tap into the energy of a person or group to communicate with the subconscious mind, because keep in mind, it doesn’t use verbal dialect.


The energy will guide you through a series of options that are specific to each goal. Subsequently we balance, creating a strong energetic response where it was once weak. Activating more energy within yourself with this science-based process.

In one of your interviews you said that “gratitude is an extremely high-level vibration and a this is a great place to operate from.” How does this work and how often do you thank yourself?

Gratitude is an absolutely enriching emotion to operate from, because it is the ultimate state of receivership, “Our thoughts matter, our thoughts literally become matter,” says Dr. Joe Dispenza. It is up to us to create a healthy mental narrative.

I hold the keys to your better life!

Abraham Hicks has an emotional scale of commonly felt emotions ranging from the highest of joy, appreciation, freedom, love, and empowerment and scaling down to lower vibrational emotions such as fear, despair, and powerlessness. When looking at this order it is easy to see how we resonate at different stages and identify where you stand in comparison. I embrace gratitude as often as possible. By living in gratitude, we can embody the higher end of the emotional range and find more sustainable happiness. The pandemic brought fear and lots of lower vibrational emotions. As a collective, we can work together and individually to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Do you have anything new you realized during your experience as a coach?

We have way more power than we realize lying dormant within ourselves. It used to be my belief that we just had to deal with being surrounded in negative feelings and emotions. How exciting it was for me to find out there was a better way to live — incredibly! Sharing this work has created a new favorite hobby of reading clients’ messages of triumph, success, health, and happiness. My face and heart both light up with each transformation.

You said, “The power of a smile — is the best infectious disease that I know. It costs nothing to share a smile, and the more you do it, the more you heal.” The famous Dale Carnegie spoke about the magic power of a smile. How did you get at this statement?

Have you ever tried NOT to smile when someone smiles back at you? It’s actually very challenging to not reciprocate the energy and kindness. My small hometown of Frederick, Colorado was a quaint rural community, and all the residents always smiled and waved at any car that passed.

I hold the keys to your better life!

The connection was a natural habit and expressed a sense of togetherness. We didn’t have the most, but we were grateful for what we had together. In life there will always be those with more than you and less than you, on either side of the coin, your mindset can liberate you in ways you never knew possible. You truly are defined by your mentality and your smile is an expression of that energy. Consider it a free spark of energy that we can gift to one another out of respect and reverence.

Words of encouragement, which you need, you cannot tell yourself. When you need emotional support who is the coach for you?

In my work words are everything. I do frequently support myself with encouraging words each morning and evening. I balance on myself daily, walking my walk and talking my talk. Remember, each morning when you wake up 80% of people’s thoughts are naturally negative & 90% were a repeat of the thoughts from the previous day. We all must learn to be our own biggest fan, as it is a very beneficial manifestation tool. Gladly, I’m blessed to have great mentors and coaches to support me. My mentor Jenny Harkleroad works with me regularly, as well as my long time spiritual guide, Julz Smith, and lastly, my meditation coach, Jennifer Flynn, support me in the most beautiful ways. I accredit these women for helping me break free from my mental and spiritual paralysis and really learn to embrace my own power. My assistant, Victoria Rose, has been advantageous in my staggering success this year. I am humbled by her white glove executive support. Getting to the top is not nearly as fun alone. I adore empowering others along my journey. It has also been a privilege having Yana Sanakina to inspire more dreams, as her platform has brought me much internal happiness and business opportunities as Mrs. Fashionista 2021. She has been a shining star in my life with many others this year.

Is there unique advice that can help to overcome a difficult moment in life or even a period.

You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to change in your life. Consider taking a moment to close your eyes and reflect on what that means to you.

What would your very best life look like? If your life were 100 times greater than that, what would you be doing and feeling?

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality, so a great exercise is to take time to really think, feel, hear, and see every detail of your very best life. Reach out to me and set up a private session, or join one of my next certification courses, as it’s my absolute pleasure to support you!


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