Yana Sanakina:»I’m planning to teach etiquette myself personally»


Russian-American women’s magazine «Gorozhanka» turned 8 years old. It is a respectful age for glossy magazine. It is what we are thinking as readers. But for the publisher, Yana Sanakina, as it turned out, the number does not really matter, because for her it was a main business of her life, she has given everything to it: her soul, and energy, and money, and time. Today «Gorozhanka» — it is a brand, a symbol that embodies everything that is connected with the modern woman: strength, outer and inner beauty, self-confidence, self-development, self-realization and proactive stance. And now this brand generates new projects. I asked Yana to tell us more about one of them, and she shared with me the history of her new creation: the opening of the school, which has already received full support.

We are talking about the opening of «Gorozhanka’s, » School of Etiquette » for children and even for adults. Remember, the institutes for Noble Maidens existed in Czar’s Russia? The roots of these schools went into middle of the 18th century, but the goals and objectives basically have not changed: to give children the necessary education and practical knowledge. You will agree, it is now as important as three hundred years ago! What is a «school of etiquette» of the 21st century?

How did you come up with this idea? You are a successful business-woman and a public person; in fact, it takes a lot of time and energy! And then you made such a turn as «The school of etiquette”!

This idea is not too far from what I’m doing now. Magazine, and now the Internet Portal — this is one of my self-realization. That is to say, my opportunity to share with the world and same women, as I am the useful knowledge and experience. It is the same kind of training in the broadest sense of this word. And now concerning the work with children … For once, at the dawn of my work career, I began with teaching activities — taught piano and accordion. It was back in Soviet Novosibirsk, but I still have warm memories of those happy moments of pride for my students, when they reached some results and performed on stage. I am always aware that I would like to once again be involved in the subject of aesthetic and musical education of children, although I do not quite understand how it is possible. But all desires are always being fulfilled, right? And one day this desire has been formed into quite implementable idea.

Having lived in America for almost ten years and raised two adult daughters, I realized what modern girls and boys, and sometimes adults just the process of transition into adulthood are missing. Secondary schools, colleges and even universities do not provide such knowledge. Thus was born the «School of etiquette.» I must say, this idea has received a lot of support among immigrant women, my colleagues, partners and friends. Moreover, I was endorsed by «star» women of public professions, and ordinary employees, and even housewives.

In what format training will take place?

At first it was the summer school, that’s how it started the life. I know what the life of immigrants looks like, and know from the first life hand experience how difficult it is for mothers-immigrant. We are learning English, adapt to a new, radically different from the Russian culture, mentality, vigorously build a career. And yet we are mothers! We need to teach our children the elementary positioning of themselves in the society, business, and the ability to dress stylishly, according to the business etiquette. In short, all this experience that we women acquire with difficulty and mistakes. It’s kind of our «business card» for the outside world, on which our future life and career depends. Why do not we protect our younger children from unnecessary mistakes and disappointments? Moreover, we all know that children do not always listen to the words of their parents, especially in matters of etiquette and style. It is therefore logical that the basic knowledge they could get from me, as a specialist and a teacher. In our school children will learn to carry on a conversation, to build arguments, get a perception of themselves. And this is a self-education of aesthetic taste, self-confidence, respect for elders, and relationships with peers. They are learning when and how to start a conversation, how to dress appropriate for events of different formats? And yet it is equally important — not to lose, and to preserve and increase the knowledge of native culture.

At what age do you recommend to start this school?

Good question. In fact, the sooner the better. Our school has three age groups: 6-10 years, 11-14 years and 15-18 years. Obviously, each group has different features and priorities. If the junior will be prioritized such information as etiquette in school, respect for elders, self-respect, respect to friends; for the older children more urgent is to gain knowledge about individual style, without blind imitation of newfangled manners, personal hygiene, proper behavior with the opposite sex, and the concept of friendship and love. Although all groups will be learning the subject of social behavior and general knowledge of etiquette, but age differences will still be provided.

And all this we will certainly take into consideration in the building of our courses and of role games. In any event, a friendly and warm atmosphere is wait for children, open to the discovery of new opportunities and achievement of new heights. The school will be able to give them the very foundation on which their future will be built.

And another important fact is that every student who leaves school will receive her/his own «Gorozhanka» magazine or «Gorozhanin» with a personal photo on the cover and information inside the magazine, that we went through during the learning process. It is a kind of diploma of «Special Education». I believe this will not only allow the young generation to raise their self-esteem, but also come in handy later for admission to educational institutions. In which cities this training is planned? Who will work directly with the children? After all, you are the project coordinator, if I understood you correctly?

I’m planning to teach etiquette myself personally, I’m not ready yet to share my dream and the pleasure of communicating with children with anyone! I have started from California, and already planning to go to Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington and other American cities. Please contact me regarding the organization of the school in your city:

Phone: +1(415)240-6467

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