Krystsina Shchelkunova

I am a Lokomotiv!


Krystsina — she is our hero, a little woman with strong behavior who drags sponsors on her fragile shoulders”, — that’s how the mother” of Gorozhanka Magazine Yana Sanakina introduced Commercial Director Krystsina Shchelkunova. She is remarkable! Today, we have an amazing opportunity to see what makes her chug along!

Krystsina, what brought you to the USA?

I won a Green Card! I started playing after my mom won the lottery from her first time. Then she started to spoil me with the beautiful pictures of the ocean and palm trees! I gave up and started to play Green Card lottery. However, I wasn’t so lucky as my mom and won on the fourth try! That’s how, I ended up in New York!

 What was your occupation before NY?

Before USA, I worked as a CEO in a funeral company. We manufactured the equipment for funerals. We delivered it to small cities and villages! It was pretty much interesting, albeit unusual!

What are you doing here, in the USA?

 My first job was in the medical office with a physical therapist! I became a physical assistant! I liked it, but unfortunately, they can’t offer to me full time and part time wasn’t enough for me! So, I started looking for a new position. After that, I worked on Brighton Beach in a clothing store like a sales person and at the same time I took classes in Kingsboro College. My major was Accounting ( I graduated from Belarusian Economic University with major in Management in Hospitality), that’s why I decided to take classes in the USA. Then, I had a few short-term opportunities and finally, I found my dream work in Manhattan in the oil industry as a bookkeeper! However, after one year I realized that it wasn’t what I was dreaming of. Then I started looking for myself!

How is it, that you were living in two cities at the same time? However, you are thinking that San Diego is the best place?

I came to NY, because my mom lived here for almost six years and definitely, I would like to be closer to my mom. She helped me with adapting! New York is a huge and fast city! I didn’t feel comfortable there! Mega cities are always like this! I spent most of the time on the train! Most of the time, stuck in traffic and in the subway which I didn’t like. People are very stressed out and nervous! My first time in San Diego, I asked the Uber driver how he likes the city. He replied to me that he loved it! It was surprising me. I never in my life heard from a driver that he/she loves their job! In NY, usually the driver is very nervous, because of the traffic, especially in Manhattan! In sum, I asked the driver’s advice where I should visit: SeaWorld, Downtown, Sunset Cliffs, Del Mar and Torrey Pines beach… And he kept telling me the different kind of places which I should see! Then I too fell in love with the city right away! From that time, I traveled to the San Diego three times! I adore the city, weather, nature. This is my heaven!

One of your posts from Instagram, you mentioned the pros and cons of life in the USA. What do you feel the most?

⁃ Right now, I have almost only positive emotions. My standard of living has improved, and I live in the city of dreams.

How did you meet Yana Sanakina and start work together?

⁃ One time, I came to the Ugochi Showroom to buy a dress and we started the conversation about everything. I decided to ask, maybe they know someone who looking for employee! They said at that moment no one, however if they will, then let me know. And after a few days I got the text from them that Yana Sanakina was looking for girl! That’s how I became a part of the Gorozhanka Magazine!

Do you plan to be a pageant one day?

No, I don’t want to. That’s enough, that my husband is thinking that I’m a Princess! (Laughing)

What do you think about the Women’s Beauty? In your opinion, is it exists the fashion for beauty?

For me, all the people are beautiful, everyone is special! Fashion is existing for everything, but each person should understand, that’s very subjective. If you do not win today, that doesn’t mean that you are not going to win tomorrow! Never give up, believe in yourself and you will get everything that you want! All the craziness becomes real!

Publisher Yana Sanakina named you “The little girl with strong personalities”! How do you characterize yourself?

It’s a very interesting question. I will say about myself: “I’m a Lokomotiv” When I started to read that my dream will become real, I will start to dream about something else! I will want something bigger and bigger. My appetites only grow every time. I am very ambitious!

How has Covid changed your life, has the protracted quarantine been good, or vice versa? How did you fill the wait?

Covid changed my life for the better, I would say it became a starting point! I, like many people, have a hard time leaving my comfort zone, and this made it possible to radically change my life for the better. I moved to the city of dreams, I work at a dream job, I live in a dream apartment, I am surrounded by dream people, in general, just a dream, not life! This has been the most wonderful year for me!

Wow, you are one of the very few who spoke so about the sworn 2020! You have the opportunity to take advantage of, so to speak, an official position, and turn to the readers of «Gorozhanka».

I would like to wish everyone: think big, dream of the unreal, be stubborn! Know what you want from this life, it will give back to you, exactly what you want. I love and hug everyone! You are flawless, remember this!



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