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Nadezhda Ganicheva is a certified image consultant, graduate of Bay Area’s leading image consulting schools and NY makeup academy, owner of Nadine Studios. Nadine Studios offers professional service of color/style analysis, wardrobe building, bridal styling, fashion styling, make up and hair styling.

With prior background in scientific research and education, Nadezhda turns personal style concept into in-depth appearance design approach that takes individuals through the path of aesthetic self-understanding and gives ability of self expression in the best way possible.

Nadezhda believes that personal style is very empowering. It leads to self-motivation, confidence, creates opportunities and opens doors in business and personal life.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and I believe I speak for everyone when I say that love is already in the air. The flower shops are overflowing with red roses, and there’s excitement to celebrate the Day of Love. By the looks of it, the whole globe seems to be prepared to spend Valentine’s Day with their special someone.


Before you go bouncing off to celebrate the Day, do you know why the world has marked this specific Day to celebrate Valentine’s Day? The story states the Day is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine, around the 3rd century in Rome, Valentine served as a priest to then emperor Claudius II, who refused to let the single men marry. He even went so far as to outlaw marriages for young soldiers, but Valentine went against the emperor and married the lovers in secret, and it was on the unfaithful Day of 14th February when the emperor found out his actions against the throne and ordered that the saint be put to death. Since then, the couples who got to live their dream of a happy married life remembered him and celebrated Valentine’s Day as the Day of Love.


Valentine’s Day is the ideal Day to dress up and be the best version of yourself. Whether you have plans to go out for a romantic date, spend a cozy evening at home, or do something entirely out of the proverbial box, invest time and energy in creating a beautiful look that will make the evening special, thus raising your spirits and creating everlasting memories.


When it comes to advising on what’s best to wear on this Day, it’s hard to generalize since I am a strong advocate for personal style. We all possess it and shine tremendously within our range of colour harmony and innate style combinations. Here are some tips on dressing to enhance your personal aesthetics and shop for the proper clothing.


You can’t go wrong by making it simple and colourful

You have lively buoyant energy? Lean towards cute, trendy, not very extreme looks? Love bright colours such as yellows, hyacinth blues, watermelon or tulip reds, and lots of pinks? Then you will love small floral, impressionistic abstract, or whimsical prints; provincial, prairie or preppy looks built off smooth textured crisp, lightweight fabrics such as poplin, linen or cotton blends with dainty designs.



Feeling “Classic”?

If you are a delicate, feminine, elegant, meticulous type with a preference for muted, greyed down colours; blended diffused prints; love pearls, lace, feathers, and fine-textured materials, then nothing would look more beautiful than soft flowing fabrics like silk, crushed velvets, soft wools stitched with a touch of fine tailoring and draped with cascading lines. Romantic style and styles adopted from other periods in history, such as Victorian or turn-of-the-century, natural makeup, neat hairstyles, curls, and buns, will surely make you shine. Utilise this kind of ensembles for a beautiful candlelight dinner date and bask in the praises!


This is the case when no one advises you to tone it down

What to wear when you are on the Yang side of the design spectrum with unique, dynamic nature and preference for dark earth tones, colours of fall leaves, and with no pastels in the wardrobe? The answer is straightforward: wear everything that complements your inner complexity. More precisely, opulent or textured fabrics like raw silk, rough linen, fur; geometric designs that have a thrusting movement; creative designs such as safari, gypsy-like exotic, or military. A natural or slightly dramatic makeup look along with a dishevelled hairstyle will do you wonders.


Claim your red colour like a diva!

When all you look for is minimalism, extreme contrast, brightest colours possible, and high fashion looks, then contemporary, Mandarin, Channel, or cocoon style dresses in very smooth luxurious fabrics such as satin, silk, and gabardine will make you stand out. Maintain your vivid look with bold eyeliner and bright lip colour. Additionally, a sleek hairstyle with little to no texture will be ideal and give you that edge above the rest.


Valentine’s Day is much more than what most people believe. It’s also about self-love and promoting optimism. And regardless of what you plan to do on Valentine’s Day, dressing up in your aesthetics and looking attractive always makes one feel incredible. In the end, whichever style you pick this season, the main idea is to enjoy Valentine’s Day and commemorate Saint Valentine, who kept the idea of love alive so many centuries ago. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nadezhda Ganicheva IG: nadine_studios
Photography by Inna Stiblina IG: innasphotography


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