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I want to take my magazine to a similar level as Vogue

— Pleased to meet a colleague, thank you for your cooperation. Tell us a little about yourself and how you became an editor? How long has it been?
It is a great pleasure to talk about my history and the success of my international magazine. I started writing news articles in February 2016 when I created a national and international news blog, and this attracted the attention of many readers coming to have more than 300,000 hits in a few months, I realized that this was my gift, because years ago I was looking for something to put me in interaction with people connected to the internet, and the blog was the beginning of everything. In 2018 I became a professional actor participating in some independent films and television soap opera with the aim of attracting audiences to my blog and I succeeded.
— What is your magazine about? It looks very colorful and elegant.
Magazine highlights the feminine beauty, female empowerment, tips, and products for divas. I try to diversify the subjects for all female and male tastes, fashion, cooking, make, hair, tourism, travel, etc.
In 2019 after meeting some famous actresses, I decided to turn the blog into an electronic magazine, inviting some of them to be my covers and tell their success stories. It was at this moment that the Diva Brasil brand emerged, which highlights the beauty and success of the famous actresses of tv and national cinema. Today with more than 118 editions, the magazine won the world and fell in the taste of models, misses, muses, and artists. I have done 4 editions in English for Divas and Divos norte Americanso. With this success so great in social media, I began to be sought after by men wanting to also show their work in the magazine and seeing this new opportunity I created Divo Brazil for famous men, models and misters.
Today Diva Brazil is already consolidated in the literary market with trademark and international success. We are sought after by models from other countries and continents with Africa, Europe, South America, Central America and the United States.
— The work of the publisher is very important; it takes a long time. Do you have any time left for a hobby?
I myself know that the publication of the magazine is very exciting, but usually helps in other projects. For example, I also organize beauty contests. What about you?
I am a professional actor and my hobby is acting, because I feel good playing different characters to entertain the public. I work on average 15 to 20 hours a day on magazines, because there are two editions every 15 days, in addition to the special editions out of dates, Analyze the agendas, images, desing, still attend to customers and other journalists wanting to advertise in the electronic and printed magazine, I make weekly meetings with the team to define the agendas and travel to cover events as much as possible, I act in the marketing of the brand also as if gala multivalent. Due to the pandemic, we are more focused on electronics that achieves a much larger public on social networks. I also run two non-profit organizations sites, with the aim of social causes in favor of children in calamity around the world.
In my spare time I am a writer and screenwriter. Now I am writing a film script and currently finishing writing a book that I intend to release this year in partnership with a writer friend Edi Wilson, who is a filmmaker here in Brazil.
— Do you have a great team?
My team is very small, because I do most of the work, I have a director and journalist who is called Viviane de Oliveira, I have a beautiful presenter named Priscilla Rocha, who helps me create content for social networks, an illustrator whose name is Gabriel Maciel, my son and partner in the magazine. Also, a marketing assistant named Bruna Marinho, a print aid and five columnists.
— I’ve never been to Brazil, but I know you have a big Russian-speaking community there, don’t you?
Yes, here we have a large Russian community in Southern Brazil, because there have several colonies represented several countries of Europe and Paraná one of the states of Brazil, has the largest Russian community.
For us Brazilians there is a lot of sympathy for other peoples with their cultures, because they enrich our country with diversity. I am particularly from the South and my family is of European descent.
I’ve heard a lot about your culture and hospitality. The whole world knows the beautiful Brazilian girls, one of them participated in our contest. She was one of the most elegant and classic girls. She works with your publication, right?
Yes, my friend Rosemary Sccabya, Miss Brazil California 2020, she is a love of person and has helped me a lot in the United States because she creates an exchange of her friends with my magazine. That helps me and my magazine become well known in California. Thanks to her, I met Rick Rodstrom, the model and actress Parinaz Paris who were covers of my May editions, actor and model Austin Maes Valley who was on the cover of January 2021, the filmmaker and director Walter Peres of Warner Bros. I’m getting to know this charming Russian Diva who I was told to meet, Yana Sanakina. Yes our girls really are beautiful, but all this beauty is due to the rising influence of the European communities in Brazil.
— What are your future work and life plans?
I want to take my magazine to a similar level as Vogue that is known worldwide. I know this can take a while because I need good partners, high quality and capable investors. However, I believe that even starting small and alone in 2016, I’ve already managed to reach the world. Now it’s only a matter of time to grow more. My biggest dream is to act in Hollywood alongside the great actors, so I’m dedicating myself to learn more English to be able to speak and understand the scripts. I think of being a reference for future generations who can mirror themselves in my work and see that it is possible to get out of anonymity. I escaped from a simple and humble condition and achieved success even with limited financial resources. I’ve been a widower for 11 years and I’ve lost the love of my life to leukemia, raised my son alone and dedicate myself to him to this day. I believe in love and hope one day to fall in love again and live a great life. I’m still the old-fashioned lover type who still takes flowers.
— What do you want from your readers?
I wish my readers to take pleasure in reading my magazine. I hope the articles inspire them and helps the world to be a better place for all humanity.
— What kind of audience do you reach?
My audience is diverse, because I reach, models who want to show their work, young people who dream of being models, misses, muses, artists, parents who dream of seeing their children in the career of modeling and artistic, entrepreneurs who seek to promote their products in the magazine. It even reaches housewives who like to know the scoop about the famous, my magazines serve an audience of all genres and tastes.
I humbly thank you for the opportunity for this interview and for our new friendship with the Russian Community, a people I greatly admire for their grit and willpower.

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