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How to balance being a successful entrepreneur, a model, an activist, a mom.

Desiree Wallis Busnelli, Wallis Busnelli,

Desiree Wallis Busnelli is not only gorgeous outside, but she also has a beautiful heart. She collaborates with “One Digital World” to figure out how to make a difference in the world.

Its mission is to help refugee families. It all started when Desiree was traveling in Paris and witnessed in person all the refugee families on the streets. “One digital world” helps to educate women and by that helps children which then transform our community into a healthier and safer environment. Desiree helps women as well as she helps to save our planet. She collaborates with brands to make bags using recycled plastic found right from our ocean here in San Diego beaches. Desiree Busnelli proves that being a woman is already a mission.

Desiree kindly agreed to tell us a story about herself and her women’s mission.

Are you happy?
Yes, I am happy, healthy, and very grateful. Although I grew up with a bit of anxiety due to my struggles with dyslexia.
That was the reason that my mom homeschooled me till high school, where I was able to build self-confidence and find my true talents. It also helped me develop new learning techniques that allowed to keep me on track.

Once I was able to master my skills with dyslexia I graduated early from high school. My next step was nursing school. That was a place where I found out that helping others in the medical field brings calmness to my adult life after leaving home.

Please tell us more about your childhood. Where did you grow up? What did you dream about as a child?
I grew up in Seattle, Washington and I was homeschooled as a child with my three sisters.
My real dream was always to paint murals on walls. I would spend most of my time in my room drawing and painting on my walls.

When you became older you moved to New York City. Was it a dream came true? 
Yes, back in 2003 I turned 21 years old and moved to Big Apple!
I started out in a one-bedroom apartment with two roommates, and it was funny sharing a bathroom with two guys, but we were all in NYC for the first time and got along well. After that I ended up on a couch with four roommates and that was the point, I had to make other arrangements which brought me to sunny California. 

Desiree Wallis Busnelli,
Desiree Wallis Busnelli,

California and New York are completely different. I love California because it always feels like I’m on vacation because of such an amazing weather the whole year straight. NY is and always will be New York with its none stop work ethic which empowered me so much of really working hard and finding how and where I can fit. New York taught me that if you want to achieve your goals, you must completely commit to the idea, invest your time, work hard and you can make it – that’s what I love about NYC. There is such a power of the city that your visions do come to life.

You are a former model. How did you start your carrier?
When I started, I never really considered myself as a model, but my first real modeling job was with a custom bike company. It was my first job after NYC. I got to be a motorcycle model in Arizona and that started my amazing travel adventures all over the country. That really was the starting of my passion for traveling and believing it was possible on my own. It was a one-year bike tour visiting different states doing poster signings. 
I still actual have a poster in my keep’s sake closet!
My advice for girls starting a modeling carrier is to never do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. I always stuck to my level of comfort and sometimes people didn’t like it, but I was always able to feel good about my decisions. I never took anything personal especially when surrounded by other models. The true beauty of modelling is embracing everyone’s different body types and cultures.

You are an entrepreneur, a model, a mom. How do you balance all that?
For me if I get good sleep and focus on my down time of stress release it helps me organize and manage my time much better. 

I’m a big manifester and I like to visualize all my projects, so I’ll make a dream board and set realistic steps to achieve them. 
You must have a plan and follow through. It takes time but now I’m so used to finishing projects easier or even have multiple projects at the same time. 

During the COVID, you started home teaching your kids. How did this work for you and for your kids?
It was a struggle like everyone had to do in the world. Some days it felt impossible and some days we were celebrating our accomplishments, but I feel it made us closer as a family because I was happy to be together and healthy, which at the end is the most important thing in life.
Homeschooling my children brought back memories of my childhood of my mom doing such an amazing job with me and I’m no teacher whatsoever but remembering to be patient and understanding was the daily goal for quarantine and knowing it was new for my kids.
It brought us closer together and the deep appreciated we all should have for our teachers.

You are so kind, positive, energetic. Where do you get your inspiration, your energy from?
My thoughts always go back to my mother, my family and striving to do the same for my kids. 
Day to day problems is what everyone struggles with but at the end family is what matters the most. 
My inspiration is my mom. She had hands on my whole childhood supporting my dreams and goals no matter how huge or even impossible they might have seemed.
Going from being a nurse to modeling and now designer can be hard for any parent to understand. But she was always supportive and that’s how I want to be with my kids now.

What is the #1 advice you’d give to your girlfriend, our readers?
Fashion wise I would say: “Always a good pair of shoes that match your bag. LOL”


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