Lana Lanetta: I create dreams …


Lana Lanetta grew up in Latvia, in a simple working family. She lives her life with a personal freedom, including achievements beyond her incomplete secondary education. Early in our interview she told me, «I had no time to try to conform to high standards, early on I began to work and independently build an independent future for myself.» Lana is an extravagant blonde and is a little pretentious. She looks into my eyes and smiles as an adult, a woman of experiences.

«I create my dreams, and as for the opinion of others about how I should do it, I do not care» she says with a gentle smile on her face. I knew quickly that here I am in touch with a very strong personality.

Lana, tell me please, where you come from and who are your parents? You have such an unusual northern, even Scandinavian, appearance…

My homeland is — Latvia. I am Latvian, but my father is Russian and I look like my Russian grandmother.

My history is quite simple. I rushed off to USA with plans to join my darling, after we had first lived together for two years. Before my relocation, he first went to New York. This separation was difficult for both of us, and of course we wanted to be together again. However, while I waited for my papers to be legalized, his plans and intentions changed. He told me that his love had passed, and that now is not the time to continue our romance. But I was already enchanted by the idea of a change in my life, and nevertheless I went to America, but not to New York, rather to Chicago. I — am so grateful that I followed this impulse to relocate. It served as the beginning of my new life! My lover and remained friends …I easily release people from my life. I think that if a romance does not work out for me, it’s just not my time. Everyone must make his and her goes their own way in life. At that time I did not have serious connections with men. I am a very flexible person. I fall in love seriously and for a long time. Many I forgive and I’m always ready to make a compromise, but then I give my all to the relationship, and irrevocably. In the best case we can remain friends. Quite recently my boyfriend and I broke off our relationship, after living together for six happy years! For me he was literally the Moon from the sky! We broke up because I’m not ready yet to have children, and he was very anxious. And recently, after our breakup, he became a father, and I’m very happy for him. I’m glad that he got what he wanted. Well, I’m fine where I am now. Despite my bright and sexual image, in my personal attitudes my life is much quieter. . I like to travel, therefore, there is no place for the sufferings of a romantic relationship or for my mind to dwell on the ends of relationships. About relocation to America, 15 years after my relocation I can see that each country has its pros and cons, but for launching ambitious, creative plans, America with its huge opportunities offers what I need. Here there is always a another door to open, and there is only to find the proper key to open it. To sit and wait for the “money tree” to grow near your house is a useless exercise, and besides, this is not part of my nature. So I repeat that I am very grateful to my former lover for these happy changes in my life here in the United States.

You need to have a very strong character to the age of 21 to embark on such an adventure! Please tell our readers about your parents and , whether they supported you?

To begin with, my youth and adolesence was a difficult time for all of my family members. My father had achieved a significant position in his factory, and he overly protected of me. At that time, as many of my peers turned sixteen, they were already on the wrong track: early abortion. I was often reminded to be careful. I became determined to prove myself as an individual. For example, I learned that people cannot tell me simply to appear in some erotic magazine and to say, «Guys, how much do you pay me for my ‘nude’ photos in the magazine and on the cover? I need to make a statement about my individual strength to my father.» The magazine said: » For you — free of charge .» Well, I do a photo shoot, and .I was published in the magazine and on the cover. When the magazines appeared, of course, all the workers in my father’s factory stood in line, at the newspaper kiosk to buy a copy. I think comments are unnecessary here. But there was a good outcome: my father realized that I was capable of strong action and that he could trust me more. Now we have a very good relationship, and I help my parents financially. They give me advice, and I listen but I act in my own way. It is a pity, of course, that we haven’t seen each other for 15 years, communicating only by Skype in our phones and computers. But I have a dream: to live again with my parents in the same house, though of course maintaining my independence.

Did your parents play a role in origin and development of your unusual talent?

My parents in Latvia have owned a sewing business since the time of my childhood. I can sew, and I like to combine materials and create something interesting. But my parents don’t really perceive the art behind my work. I would love for them to say, «Wow! Fabulous! Extraordinarily beautiful !» But more often I hear, «Well, it is up to you …” So no, my parents do not influence the development of my creative plans. Lana makes her clothes and hats by hand; however, they are not mundane pieces but rather works of art. As I peruse images of Lana’s creations, I actually lose track of time! Her works are original, expressive, and also each has a philosophical soul.

Lana, you create such unusual things. And how do you conceive and realize them?

I sell nothing, and I’ve never had the goal of earning money at this. But by now I have collected many items, and thus I am presenting them as a portfolio. That is, : I believe that , now I’m ready to accept orders from any big company. Finally it’s time , to send into the world all that I accumulated for years and that I painstakingly created in my daily work. Recently I was told to keep these unique things somewhere in the back room, but I feel that to do so would be a crime! I’ve also received offers to include my pieces in a model’s photo shoot, with a small notice of my name included in each photo. Well, sorry, but no! I prefer to show my work in my own way, therefore, I think I’ll wait for a more interesting offer.

Lana, but in real life, who are you? What is your daily style? You’re actually scandalous and flashy?

Oh, no. To tell you first, I can not remember the last time I went out to parties. I go to restaurants only to eat, and for this purpose I put on ordinary garments in a comfortable European style. The fashion brands are not an authority for me. I purchase an item because I’m in love with it.! . And if I find a piece that I’m in love with, I might buy two or three of them, for practical reasons, in case something tears or becomes soiled. I like to wear interesting earrings, and I like to be told, «Wow! Where did you find this? I want a pair just like these !». I can pay a high price for a designer brand, or I can buy for a penny at a flea market. And it does not matter whether my boots and bags are made of genuine leather or are artificial. The main thing is to fall in love and to see myself wearing it!

If I correctly remember, you are a vegetarian and you keep a healthy lifestyle?

I am a vegetarian by conviction. And instead of wearing chic fur coats, though they are beautiful, I can manage with a down jacket. Once I saw mass killing of minks for their fur. After that, and after becoming a vegetarian, I began to feel better.

How do you keep yourself in such great shape?

I admit, I do not practice Pilates or sports, except for riding a bicycle and my rollerblades in the summer. Probably, my body is naturally slight. I do not use any decorative cosmetics. During the filming I have to fight with the make-up artists about what is my proper skin tone, and so on. I will receive makeup only for an interesting image. And if I go to the shop or go out to eat in a restaurant, except ordinary coconut oil I put nothing on a face. . I want to keep my identity, which would disappear under a layer of makeup. I keep in my house at least one lipstick to decorate myself if guests arrive. For example, my brother visited me for the New Year. By the way he lives in New York, and he has a family. As an example of my infrequent use of makeup, once a friend from the Ukraine asked me to buy cosmetics for her here, which totally confused me. Where to go, what to get for her? But she sent me a photo of what she uses, and in the store I picked up everything.

You just mentioned your friend in the Ukraine. So I wonder: how do you feel about female friendship?

To be honest, I have a faithful and devoted friend, and it is a man. And girlfriends, as such, I do not need. Yes, I have friends in Miami and St. Petersburg. We have communicated for many years and even sometimes we help each other. But to say that these are close friendships, no, I cannot. Not all of my friends even know about my work.


Lana, if it is not a secret, how do you earn a living?

I have always liked to create things and then sell them, to communicate with customers and so on. Now all this has grown from a hobby into a serious employment that feeds me. Meanwhile I also do business with Russia. But my creations are actually still , at the level of a hobby. By the way, an interesting thing happened to me one day in New York. I had taken a taxi, and when the time came to pay the driver, I gave him the fare plus a tip of one dollar. You should have heard how this driver became indignant about this dollar! «What kind of money is this, and what can I buy with one dollar? It’s better that you give me nothing …” I was stunned! The dollar is not money? After that experience, I decided to collect an actual suitcase full of one-dollar bills! And several years later I had a full suitcase holding , eight thousand dollars. I spent that money on my first car, and I love my Honda. . When I arrive at home after each trip out, I am thankfull to have a car. I’m devoted to this car … If I ever buy a new car, I will not part with it.

Tell me, do you have some sort of life motto, which you could share with Gorozhanka readers?

Never start a serious relationship only for convenience. It must be for love! Only then will your eyes sparkle with happiness, and your heart beat with a different rhythm. But in the real world, you must achieve everything by yourself. That is my credo. The most important qualities that every woman should have are, the ability to be faithful, and to have or cultivate the ability to create and maintain a warm and cozy home. I believe that man’s success largely depends on women. External beauty is important, but only inner beauty cannot be is not replaced by anything. And one more advice for your readers: Smile more and look for harmony within yourself!

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