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Miss Russian San Diego 2018 and Miss Russian California

Kseniia Anikushyna wearing Mariya Milovidova Art & Fashion

  handpainted couture gown in Tiffany blue.

Photography by Ernie Tyler.


Priorities in life changed for many people during this time of uncertainty. The lifestyle changes affected the way we dress in our daily lives. Only two months ago I was busy designing fancy hand painted gowns and dresses for my clients for the upcoming galas and elite celebrations they were planning to attend.


However, these days I am busy designing masks, scarves (which can also be used instead of masks), and functional sustainable clothing for the same people. This is a good example of how our fashion and style choices change as the world changes around us. Although the trends might be changing, what does not change is our desire to look stylish and feel confident under any circumstances.

These days, sustainability, quality, and function are the essential motivators in the world of style and can be applied to any fashion garments and accessories we might wear. While we might not attend big celebrations and parties for a while, I believe this is a good time for us to experiment with effortless trends that are becoming classic and can help with our lifestyle choices in the long run, during quarantine and after.

Trend #1:

Be the Queen:

Being the queen does not mean being better than others, but it means knowing your worth under any circumstances. I call this trend a “lifetime trend,” because once you know how to become a queen, it stays inside you. The time we live in is not easy for many of us. It makes us question and reevaluate our priorities in life, but also helps us reflect on what is important and what we should concentrate on. When we think of the queen, we think of the graceful woman who does not rush and or worry. She is authentic but is not anxious. She takes her time to observe the surroundings and people around her before she makes an important decision. This woman is living in a present moment as well as thinking about the future and learning through her own life experiences. She stays true to herself by knowing her own self-worth, which comes with self-awareness. This is what makes a woman feel like a queen. However, feeling like a queen and becoming one comes from practicing and learning the psychology of fashion and style. This thought is a part of every woman’s lifestyle because it helps to build confidence. Confidence is the key to anything. It is a good time now to slow down and to think what make you, you. Get rid of the old; unclutter your closet. Look through your wardrobe and decide what you need and what to leave behind. This is where it all starts. Clean your closet, clean your mind! Fashion changes all the time as trends do, but certain trends become classic. It makes sense to follow the trends because once they stay they never go out of fashion. The secret is to know how to assimilate to this changing situation in fashion and to be able to recognize the right trends to follow. In this article, I am sharing the classic trends with you as well as the new trends that are on their way to becoming classic and that will help to fit with your current wardrobe and mindset. This is your first step to start thinking like a queen. When you know what works for you in your wardrobe, your self-esteem and self-worth start to improve, and it helps to boost your confidence. That is what really makes the queen.


Trend #2:

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves were always in fashion. The versatility of scarves and the variety of ways they can be worn, plus the softness and lightness of the smooth silk fabric, make this trend timeless and classic among men and women alike.


Olympic world champion Kristi Yamaguchi wearing MM Art & Fashion custom hand-painted scarf. 

The current time we live in has opened a new way in fashion as to how the scarf can be worn around the face instead of masks.


Legendary singer and musician Thomas Anders of Modern Talking wearing MM Art & Fashion custom hand-painted silk scarf in gold.


Oakland mayor Libby Shaaf wearing MM Art & Fashion Aries silk scarf from Zodiak collection.

Trend #3:

Artistic Hand-painted Custom Masks and Individuality

Covid-19 has made masks an essential requirement to protect everyone’s health. However, wearing masks should not stop us from expressing our own individuality.


Wearing custom hand-painted silk or cotton masks with a design of your own choice is a great tool to show your unique personality. With the artistry of free-hand drawing, I can provide you with the freedom of choice on the subject and color of your individual mask.


MM Art & Fashion matching mask and robe worn by Helen Victoria Blossom.

Photography by Lance Miller.


It can be either a colorful mask with your name or initials on it, or a picture of your pet, or even a portrait of you. You can also choose the colors and style of the mask to match with your outfit, as you can see in one of the images below. The choice is unlimited and that makes the process creative, fun, and unique. It allows me, as an artist and designer, to bring your dreams and ideas to life.


Trend #4:

Reversible Clothing

Reversible clothing covers all the essentials currently present in the modern fashion world that I covered earlier such as sustainability, quality, and function. Personally, as a designer and artist specializing in high-fashion wearable art, I am excited to see these changes coming as necessary attributes in place of fast fashion. Today I would like to share with you an example from my up-and-coming “Storytelling” couture collection, which consists of some reversible garments that help build your fundamental wardrobe and save space in your closet, but will make it fashionable, fun, and unique, and will make you look and feel like a queen in different life situations. Because – do not forget – looking and feeling great is what really makes a woman a queen. So, look at this silk reversible dress that can be worn both as a dress and a jacket. There is a printed silk on one side based on my original artwork that you can see below. Then there is black silk with leather patches on the other side which transforms it into a different garment. The reversible zipper allows for the garment to serve multiple purposes of a dress and a jacket. Plus, it comes with my brand’s patented lacing on the sides which allows for size flexibility in a single garment for up to 10 sizes. For this one of-a-kind piece, this garment runs from size 0 to 10. However, this patented lacing element can apply to bigger size garment from size 10 to 20, which makes it very convenient in terms of functionality and saving money. Throughout the years, our weight and size might fluctuate depending on life situations, such as pregnancy where a woman’s size and weight changes drastically throughout 9 months. It certainly helps with hiding problematic zones we may be dealing with, as well as underlining the parts of the body we would like to show off. Having this type of clothing in your closet can help to boost your confidence, and save closet space, time, and money.

Trend #5

Artistic Prints and Hand-Painted Clothing

Many big designers are inspiring this trend these days. It helps to stay away from boredom of fast fashion, and brings out individuality in every consumer who chooses to wear clothing as work of art.


Leather is back and it’s everywhere! Some designers choose to play with real leather, while many choose vegan leather. Personally, as a designer, I have worked with both types of leather. I use leftover leather patches from previous garments I worked with to practice sustainability. Preservation helps to create unique works of art, as I believe it is the way for creativity.

Truly yours,

Artist / Fashion Designer Milovidova

I am an artist and fashion designer based in San Francisco Bay Area and the founder of MM Art & Fashion brand. You can check out my work in my Amazon store including some of the products listed in this article. Follow me on Facebook ( )and Instagram.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with your wardrobe or have any questions about my art. Website: Cell: 408-497-3959 Email:


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